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Posted by Arsene on 09/22

Hmmm, was wondering why parry was taken away from a certain weapon, but le a lot of weapons that shouldnt have it (i.e. non dex weapons), and the fac that old versions of the weapon werent filtered so as to not create a weapon vastly superior to others. I mean the composite bow was c changed and old ones changed as well. The fact that old versions of a cer tain SL dx weapon still parry makes it a vastly superior weapon, and take away a lot of the advantages to dex because you can fight a 600 hp str fig hter with a weapon that parries you, and you cant parry their 20-30 hp att acks at all as a 400 hp sniper, dosnt seem right, and old versions now are well, vastly superior.

From: Renee Monday, September 21, 06:38AM

A certain SL dex weapon. that narrows it down ;)


From: Asmodean Monday, September 21, 06:31PM

I could be mistaken, but i'm pretty sure that composite bows weren't filtered. or maybe my alt slipped through the cracks?

From: Madison Monday, September 21, 07:05PM

no, the composite bows weren't all modified

From: Prospero Tuesday, September 22, 07:12AM

Hmmm, well three of my old ones were.


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