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Posted by Papercut on 09/23

First off, thanks for the prior warning :P

A few questions:

Does that mean that the mud is going to be more lagged?

Are areas still going to abide by the 30min increment ticks? (quests, etc. Will it still have bonuses relating to how long you have been at the said position, i.e., how long you've been resting, etc.

Some concerns:

How are players going to be able to count ticks? It is somewhat important when it comes to a few skills, and it'll be rather clumsy to have to rely on hunger/thirst/hourglass/bleeding/poison type of things to count/notice ticks. Will the ticks still be in every 30 mud minutes, so a time command can tell you whether a tick has passed or not?

Also, though ooc isn't supposed to be used as this, but doesn't this change allow for chars to regen without having spells or objects wear off/decay at all; as in, i could regen for 29 mud minutes, go ooc, come back after the tick, regen, etc. I know it may be rather unrealistic and maybe not even too effective, but it could happen :P

I'm sure more questions will creep up later, but that's it for now.


From: Rufus Monday, September 21, 08:54PM

Actually, the mud will be -less- lagged. I pulled out a lot of unnecessary looping for things that didn't need updating (90% of objects aren't timed, aren't burning or aren't align restricted) Mobs are no longer updated on the pulse (mobs and players were getting cycled through 4 times per second, before, now only the players are) so there should be less server-side lag with this change.

Areas will still update on their own cycle (they don't -exactly- operate on ticks to begin with, it's kinda hard to explain) but certain things like timed quests and whatnot... mobs still key on tick changes for acts so that will not change.

'Ticks' still technically happen at the 00 minute and the 30 minute, so after those have pased, a 'tick' has passed.

and actually, making spells like hourglass more effective are a good thing, though you can still 'tell' when ticks happen.

And no, characters in NO_UPDATE rooms are skipped in the loop, therefore don't regen. But I understand your concern. Perhaps there might be more restrictions placed on the pkill community (can't immediately go back ooc after you come back in-game) but I don't know. It is abuse of the system, but I'd rather not impose things on players that they should be responsibl for themselves.


From: Rufus Wednesday, September 23, 04:15AM

Okay, the above problems with going ooc on the ticks to preserve objects will not be a problem. An object will have to spend the entire tick in a no update room in order not to be updated.



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