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Posted by Sig on 09/24

I am just writing to see if there is anybody out there that thinks that there should be another form of reward for people that get a lot of xp other than fancy colored coupons. I mean I personally do not really care for coupons because I kind of like for people to see that hard eq that i have earned. Maybe for every redemption point we could get some hp, mana, or maybe even a stat point. This is just my 2 cents and would like to see what everybody else thinks. I just believe that somebody that has put in more time and effort should be able to have a character that is slightly better. Again...just my 2 cents.


From: Prospero Tuesday, September 22, 07:12AM

Maybe we should lower your stats?

From: Rictor Tuesday, September 22, 04:37PM

This concept has been brought up TONS of times, by a number of representatives of the player base, they are never gonna raise your HP, Mana, MV, give you a extra practice, let you trade in a practice, give you extra stat points, or otherwise give you an innate advantage over other players.

Sir Rictor Belmont

From: Papercut Tuesday, September 22, 07:43PM

i doubt any of that's 'innate,' as nobody i've met was born with redemption points.

if, tho, there was to be such stat bonuses, i'd probably get myself a nifty dex mage and get xp like a madman... at least 1 redemption point a month if you simply invest a couple hours every day... nah. i'd much rather go through 1 clanned char a month instead of feeling that i have to stick with one char to remain 'competitive' in some fashion.


From: LadyAce Thursday, September 24, 12:00AM

I wouldn't necessarily say it'll never happen, Rictor -- We debated the issue long and hard on the imm list, and the version of redemption points you see is much pared down from the original. We're still working on the system, and trying to think up ways to increase the fun of higher levels without causing an absurdity of scale -- i.e. one step down the road so many icky muds have taken, where hp and difficulty just keep going and going and eq gets better and better -- which is really just a trick with numbers, and adds no real quality.

Hope my quick comments make sense :)



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