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Posted by Geri on 09/27

I've read the new changes about resting on items and if the item isnt there you woon't be sitting.

Is it possible to have it so if you are resting on an item that it can't be picked up from under you. For example, I carry a strung stool around with me, drop it, rest on it, pick it back up. From what I understand is that now I have to drop it and leave it there. But how could someone take it while I'm resting on it?? Also it is strung so leaving it down would mean in a crash I lose it. I wouldn't have strung it if these changes were in already.

Geri Halliwell, GIRL POWER!

From: Skar Thursday, September 24, 04:49PM

I suggest a code change allowing you to use furniture in your inventory without having to drop it first.

From: Geri Thursday, September 24, 06:01PM

What skar said :)

Thanks for clearing up a dozen lines into 2.


From: Rufus Thursday, September 24, 08:36PM

'Ook' not a fun change =)

Though making it so that someone can't take something while you're sitting on it, that's relatively easy.

As far as the object saving over crashes, that'd be easier to case out really.


From: Skar Thursday, September 24, 10:58PM

So if you drop something and sit on it, it would still be in your inventory so when you type 'save' it would save?

From: Rufus Friday, September 25, 12:14AM

I was thinking more like it stayed owned to you so it saved when the mud crashed. Wouldn't be in your inventory.

From: Geri Friday, September 25, 10:27AM

Couldnt it be so you didn't have to drop it to rest on it? So when I type rest steps, it checks the room then my inventory for such and item and possible to sit on it. That way people wouldn't have to drop items to sit on them.


From: Skar Sunday, September 27, 01:33PM

While we're talking about furniture, if you're sitting at a table and then stand, you should just be standing, not standing on the table. But you should be able to 'stand table' to stand on the table if you like.


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