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Posted by Kurik on 10/11

I think, snipers are very good in pkill with their backstab.. Maybe therefore much snipers pkillers are here... it sucks, that than fight starts, you lost 100hp because backstab.. Hmm, I think, it is very strong skill in pkill.. Maybe it need some change?

Kurik, who doesn't like backstab!

From: Sergei Monday, September 28, 10:04AM

So don't get backstabbed :P

From: Kurik Monday, September 28, 07:06PM

Hmm, good idea.. Thank you!

From: Keeta Thursday, October 01, 09:19PM

maybe if everyone quit whining about it and came up with a strategy against it, you wouldn't have so much trouble against backstabs , but that's just my opinion. I'm a sniper and I use several very useful tactics against other snipers, I think when you are a sniper you kindda find they have more than average weeknesses, for instance, many people complain about multiple backstabs, so just follow them at beginning of the fight. they flee, you follow...what an amazing concept.


From: Gangrene Friday, October 02, 06:36AM

Oh nevermind.

From: Chaykin Friday, October 02, 05:08PM

There were such "strategies" against dex fighters as well under the old fight system, but it was still a huge imbalance and was thus changed.

As for "don't get backstabbed"...four words: easier said than done!

Love always,


From: Papercut Friday, October 02, 06:19PM

the way i understood, follow breaks when you fight.

but nonetheless, snipers are far more vulnerable than they may seem, especially against players who actually know what they're doing.

so yeah, kurik, i can't help you there, but in general, snipers used to be one of my more favorite targets cuz they were so darn helpless in some cases.


From: Lethargio Saturday, October 03, 02:28AM

-nod papercut- yep yep :)

I get killed by lots of type of chars...test new tactics!


From: Flea Sunday, October 11, 08:24AM

One way I think they could Lessen the power of backstab, is make it so you cant backstab with a Gae Bolg. I mean come on, backstabbing with a spear?

-Sir Flea


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