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Killing the Innkeepers

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Posted by BlackWidow on 10/05

I know that we had this discussion before, but I guess I need to vent a little. Some of us have low movement when we start a new character and can't get from one area to another easily.

On top of that, there's the bleeding factor and that all characters don't have the ability to "use bandage" on themselves to stop it. Why is it that people keep killing -all- the innkeepers? If you want the xp and you want to get it from the innkeeper, fine, but don't go killing them -all- off in one area so that the people that -need- them can't get to one.

I know how hard it is to level when you get to the upper levels now that the new system is in and I don't deny the ability to kill the innkeepers as a help to level faster, but please, let's do some courteous thinking folks. Leave something for the other players to use.

Okay, I'm done venting.

Hail Poisoning!


From: Drax Monday, September 28, 10:15PM

I heard you complaining about the innkeepers that were dead, and I agree with you to an extent. But within the 12-15 room area that the two innkeepers you were complaining about were killed, there is a third innkeeper as well. :P

I still don't like to see it myself, but it's going to happen as long as there is pkill on this mud, and would happen at times even if there wasn't pkill.


From: Althene Wednesday, September 30, 12:47AM

You have to take into consideration that a lot of newbies only know one or two innkeepers in an area. It's not fair to assume that everyone is an oldbie who knows them all. =P

And for newbies, BlackWidow's points of bleeding, etc, definitely apply.


From: Drax Wednesday, September 30, 07:29AM

I was just pointing out the error in his statement. :P

If there is pkill here, inkeepers are destined to die occasionally due to players being crashed into them when blind. As for killing them out of boredom, or spite, well, that's another matter.


From: Imp-- Wednesday, September 30, 04:13PM

It dosn't happen that they get killed all THAT often...and if someone occasionaly bleeds to death, that only adds to the danger, and excitement, of the mud. Do you lose experience when you die of bleeding (I honestly don't know)?


From: Lethargio Saturday, October 03, 02:31AM

you do, half of a normal death though

From: Gran Sunday, October 04, 10:22AM

Killing innkeepers due to pkill is one thing..

But what happens too often is that some people kill innkeepers just to make trouble, or to boost their ego, or to demonstrate how the "rule" the mud! :(

And personally, I think that sucks :(


From: Prospero Monday, October 05, 02:09PM

then hang out at inns where the innkeeps are almost invincible.

The stag and quickley arent the only areas rich in xp.

From: Mariachi Monday, October 05, 07:32PM

Quickley runs the best inn, though! Her ale is fabulous, just ask around. Her victuals, contrary to popular belief, are also good. Plus the Dewe Droppe Inn is such a great name, it works on so many levels.

OK this was a pointless post. Ne'er mind.


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