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Posted by Papercut on 10/07

More like, new priority changes, i guess.

Okay. here is the scenario:
I initiate combat, i have priority
I stun using my gun/choke
Mob/Player wakes up
Mob/Player has priority
I flee, taking hit without doing damage

Scenario 2:
I initiate combat, i have priority
I stun using the stun spell
Mob/Player wakes up
Priority change
Mob/Player gets priority
I stun
A round passes where Mob/Player doesnt attack, due to my late prio
Mob/Player wakes up, retains priority.

Scenario 3:
I initiate combat, i flee.
I walk into the room, mob growls.
Mob has prio, but before it attacks, i stun using spell.
Mob wakes up, still has prio.
I stun again, and again a round passes without me taking damage.

Well. I think the changes definately benefit one class of players over the other, and should be considered. Maybe it was a freak accident that my mob woke up and took prio away from me, and maybe it only works under certain circumstances (when exactly does it wake up, for example), but i don't think it should change regardless of when the mob wakes up, as long as it is still the same fight (without breaking combat via fleeing/calm etc).



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