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key scrapping

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Posted by Prospero on 10/10

The logic of denying the ability to do a whole area that takes a lot of effort to assemble a group and get to a certain point because a key gets destroyed about 1/3 of the time is beyond me. If you want to make an area less easy to run, or eq harder to get, make it harder to get, just dont surreptiously yank it or, make it go away thorugh no fault of the group.

From: Rufus Thursday, October 08, 03:35AM

I designed it that way, in fact, all three keys originally could be scrapped. I took two out. It was another means of limiting hard to get eq.

And with the exception of Arsene, I've probably led more SL groups and have never had it scrap.

They keys being scrappable is as designed. And if you'd really like, and suggest that I yank shadowlands, I'll be glad to.


From: Terrizano Thursday, October 08, 09:55AM

Considering that I have a few alts that love running SL I think that high level folks clanned and non-alike would detest the possibility of the 'yanking' of probably the best-yielding xp area left.

Course I'm just an silly old Islamic mage

Terrizano -- the Dark Mage of Allah

From: TerrorSpawn Thursday, October 08, 11:34AM

Well, this char prolly hasn't led as many runs as Arsene, but overall I would most likely be close, and I've never had it scrap. Even in groups where all 5 hitters were str fighters.


From: Papercut Thursday, October 08, 07:18PM

Is that your approach to everything, if you don't like it, i'll yank it? If it is, we can start by yanking the xp scale change... :)

From: Fleance Thursday, October 08, 07:39PM

since say august, Ive been maybe 20 times, scrapped 3, seen scraps from previous runs twice, and had it heavily or falling apart numerous times, before this summer, had never had it scrap, but it seems to scrap now.

From: Shine Thursday, October 08, 08:44PM

Hmm, I can't for it, that str fighters scraps items.. Maybe I was the man, who scrapped it.. Maybe it will happen again, when I will go there...

Maybe will be better, when witches and another mobs with keys will attack ppl whom aren't str fighters.


Shine, the son of Aaron

From: Papercut Friday, October 09, 12:30AM

It's like running SL to get the crimson cloak and see it scrap. Two ways of going about that. One, oh well. Two, try it with different hitter groups... I'm sure the key's just like any other item in the game... pound it with con, and it'll survive... pound it with str/dex, it'll go bye-bye.

From: Prospero Friday, October 09, 04:51AM

hehe, they choose to eliminate the con fighter as an effective character a long time ago.

From: Prospero Friday, October 09, 04:55AM

Oh well could we move the Sl repop time down a little , say 5 or 6 rl hours

From: Celia Friday, October 09, 06:37AM

'Con fighters are not effective' is news to me, I get xp faster with this con fighter than with any of my other characters. I have switched between con, str and dex weapons, but con skills and a con weapon seem to work as well or better than anything else.


From: Marlow Friday, October 09, 12:44PM

you are doing something wrong then.

From: Tsagoi Friday, October 09, 05:01PM

On average, without fight skills my str fighters do twice as much damage as my con fighters. -shrug-

From: Tsagoi Friday, October 09, 05:03PM

-grumble link- Both having the same dex and ac, I could always kill more with my str fighters.


From: Papercut Friday, October 09, 06:12PM

Personally, I prefer str over dex, and dex over con, but that's just me. In my experience, con fighters have always been a hassle, since their strategy usually is to 'outlast the opponent by being able to sustain more damage' instead of 'outlast the opponent by delivering more.' As a player who devoted most of his time playing fighter chars, that approach usually nets me with the following result:

Con chars spend longer time regenning

If it was such that con fighters could regen hps from 0% to 100% at the same amount of time a str fighter can regen his hps from 0% to 100% (or faster) then i guess it'd actually be advantageous in having such chars.


From: Gangrene Friday, October 09, 08:46PM

maybe it's that fire thing that scraps the witch keys?

dunno. Gangrene -clueless- read board 28 oops

From: Celia Friday, October 09, 09:27PM

I am referring to the choice of weapon and skills, not stats as straight fighters can easily get high scores in all three fight stats. I have around 100 con/str and everybody told me to use a strength weapon, but after extensive testing I found that the mobs took less rounds on average to die with my con weapon, when hitting alone without using skills. I have found warcry and headbutt to do be more effective in many cases than bash and elbow.

If I am doing the wrong thing fine, if it was any easier to kill most mobs than it is now, it wouldn't be fun :P

You are right about the regen problem, but it doesn't bother me because I just go afk while sleeping to regen.


From: Prospero Saturday, October 10, 03:06AM

I've done extensive testing, arms lore, math, and a lot, 100 con/str if you arent using a str weapon, you are seriously denying yourself a lot of damage.

And uhm, use headbutt or warcry while using the str weapon too, didnt say the skills sucked, using the weapons suck

And use the right weapons too.

From: Celia Saturday, October 10, 10:11AM

I AM using the 'right' weapon, the one I like best of all the ones I've tried, one which is highly effective, about 40% less rent than a strength weapon, and doesn't scrap equip :P


From: Mo Saturday, October 10, 05:11PM

Without using any skills, str weapons won't hit often enough, especially when you are str/con. Heavy weapons in general do not connect as well as light weapons given the same hitroll.

However, if you are str/con, not using a str weapon does deny you a lot of damage if you are using skills. The exact amount will still depend on your hitroll, but the difference can be up to two dam msgs. (While you may get decimates with a con weapon, under the same circumstance, you could be hitting the damcap, for example)

But if you are not landing those skills all that efficiently, it pays off to have a weapon with more swings, as low hitroll will not harm you as much. This is especially true when fighting mobs that have the tendency to parry :)



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