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That's not what I meant to do...

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Posted by Chaykin on 10/14

Surprised no one else has written about this, but why is smirk back ahead of smile again in the social priority list? I thought we were already through that once and the "smirk" version of the say command was added to fix it. It's not a major problem of course but it is mildly annoying.

What gives?


From: Siachet Wednesday, October 14, 04:26AM

Yes, I hate to think how many newbies have been taken aback by being smirked at instead of smiled at :P


From: Israfel Wednesday, October 14, 07:03AM

Yes, I remember this happening the last time as well. Unnerving to find myself smirking at everyone.

From: Fatale Wednesday, October 14, 10:04AM

A really simple solution to this problem is to just type smile instead of sm/smi. Same goes for bat/bounce, and all the other ones that got screwed up. Oh, yes, don't forget stat/statement. You adapted to those, you can adapt to these.

From: Kaige Wednesday, October 14, 10:42AM

It's fixed in the code and should go in with the next code update. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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