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my immortal complaint

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Posted by Conspiracy on 11/03

today I read a post on the war board...which had the word 'pissed' written in it. This post was from an imm. About a week ago, I posted on that very board with that same word in my post. My post was erased because of it, by an imm. A few weeks ago I was talking to someone at the garden of remembrance. I was kicked out for being a pkiller, by an imm. Later that week I talked to yet another imm about this situation, explained why I was there and that I was already fully healed and simply there having a secluded conversation with someone.

This imm told me, and I quote.. 'there is no reason you can't go there as long as your not running or hiding from another pkiller. It seems to me th that there needs to be a constant rule in these situations. I am not mad, nor do I blame anyone. I am simply bringing up something that I have noticed and think should be taken care of.

your opinions, please.


From: Sandra Monday, September 07, 03:26PM

I tried to talk with you about your post. You refused to tell me who it was that removed it, so that I could correct them on it. I've never said that the word 'pissed' was not allowed in posts or on chat when its meant as another word for being mad or angry. If so, half of the mud would have been warned at one time or another for using it.

As far as the garden is concerned, its now in the OOC, so its no longer an issue. I believe it was me that said that I would rather no pkillers use the garden as an extention of ooc, and I meant that.


From: Conspiracy Monday, September 07, 04:20PM

still, sandra, the fact remains that one imm says one thing and another imm says another...

From: Papercut Monday, September 07, 05:03PM

Can't expect all the imms to act as one harmonious entity; they don't share a common consciousness of any sort. What is deemed unacceptable by one could be barely tolerable for another, but i'd leave it to them to decide. If you had your post erased, repost it with finer wording.

And as far as wording on Sandra's post goes, well, other than the fact that she's finally stating something I've asked to be done more than a few months ago, i find it perfectly reasonable

. Papercut

From: Cornflake Tuesday, September 08, 01:44AM

From what he said, he wasn't using the gardne as an extension of OOC. He said he was using it to speak as a secluded place. That's where I would go in that area as a pker or non-pker if I didn't want to run into a bunch of people. The point is moot, I realize, but it seems pretty unfair to say the he was using the Garden as ooc.

Also, as for the imms not being once concious entity that may be true, however there is a -written- set of rules, and if the players are expected to follow the rules then the imms should enforce them uniformly.

Or we could have it the opposite. The imms could enforce what they felt at the moment was ok, maybe they had a bad day at work and handed out warnings like candy, or maybe they had a great day and decided to let it go when a pkers known alt logged out and his pker rushed in and started killing.

I am not saying imm's don't make mistakes, but I also don't think that there is any excuse for an imm not knowing the rules. As picky as Legend is about balance and rules and general uptightness, you'd think you could expect all the imms to at least know what words are acceptable on boards.

From: Conspiracy Tuesday, September 08, 01:25PM

wow, someone read and actually understood my post without ripping my head off. My hats off to you, Cornflake.


From: LadyAce Tuesday, September 08, 10:43PM

As an added note --

While I do agree that immortals are responsible for knowing what the rules are, and enforcing them evenly, it is not possible for us to be completely consistent with those matters which fall into the realm of a judgement call.

Sometimes we make decisions hastily, and with half of the story, and we always try to make amends for those. I've seen many punishments and warnings revoked or modified. We try to strike a balance between getting all the facts and acting promptly enough for our actions to have any meaning.

As far as mistakes made in the past, or percieved mistakes, I invite everyone to bring those to our attention, so that we may reverse them, or explain them.


From: Petunia Wednesday, September 23, 03:57PM

Interesting discussion here. Let's relate a little to real life folks. Why do we have a judicial system in each state of the fair United States? Why is it that each state has a different doctorate to adhere to? Why is it that each Judge has their "known as" behind them. In this I mean that each Judge reads the law differently. Also, one last item, when reading the Bible, does everyone interpret it the same way?

In conclusion, I would like to say that I think the imms are doing a great job considering the amounts of mortals on this system. Each "crime" can't be judged on the same terms and every rule is probably not documented for the imms to read up on.

My cheers and accolades goes out to this Mud and the people that are trying very hard to run it. Just my humble opinion

-waves petals-



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