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New stat quests

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Posted by Prospero on 10/21

Hmmm, so maybe the token quest was too easy, but to require a skill to do a stat quest is ridiculous, some peopel cant spare the practic some dont have the prereq, some cant get the skill to lvls way late, and the idea of that requirement for a stat boost everyone needs is as ill thought out as putting a 2nd circle word in an area characters cant get to it at the level they need it for a 2nd circle word.

From: LadyHawk Thursday, October 08, 01:42PM

I might be one of the weirdos of the mud, which several people have pointed out. I do, however, like a challenge in a quest, and I like the idea about quests not easily do-able by all types of characters. "some cant get the skill to lvls way late" is a little strange. If you really want the quest and reward, it is never too late, I suppose. "stat boost everyone needs" is also a little strange, as it can hardly be "needed". Useful, most definetly, but hardly needed. I have managed finely without any of the new stat quests so far, and I do sincerely doubt that I am that unique. About the 2nd circle word you mention : I was unaware that you needed words at specific levels? Agreed again, it can be nice to get certain words at certain levels, but if you have that kind of knowledge, you probably also know how to ask people if they could be persuaded to help you get that word. Team work is actually quite fun, you should not shun it.

I presume I am just one of the few weirdos who likes to have a challenge now and then, who is not consumed by the idea of having a character with super stats, and who is here to enjoy other people's company instead of just working on improving my character. But if that makes me a weirdo, I am damn proud to be one.

-CHEER (sorry, forgot who made the new stat quests- I do not like your new area much, but I do like that you made quests a challenge, and made quests that not all could easily do.


From: Celia Friday, October 16, 07:19AM

I like the new areas and the new quests, but I do believe that Prospero has a point. Assuming that what he says is correct (I have not had time to explore either the new word location or all the new quests yet)- it seems inappropriate to me that a 2nd circle word that most people want at a very low level has been made such that it requires being high level or having high level help to get. I realise that it was always in an area meant to be challening, but because it was not particularly hard to get this would not have been brought to anyones attention before.

I can't really see what this achieves except to reward people who either give away the indentity of their other characters in order to enlist help building new ones, or are willing to demand help from total stranger, which many find annoying. I like a challenge too, but one which is appropriate for the level at which one is likely to want the reward. Having to ask a high level to walk you to a word actually removes all the challenge. There is a BIG difference between teamwork and newbies asking total strangers to walk them to words, which is what this type of situation tends to promote. Spells are VERY dependent on level learned, and at the level most would want this word, they are not likely to have had much association with high level characters or built up in-character relationships, thus leading to the temptation to give away other characters or resort to pleading and begging over chat or worse, in tells, for help.

Of course there have always been 3rd circle words which cannot be got without help, but at least the level restriction on learning those matches the restriction on the area where they are found- and they are in an area which people tend to explore in teams anyway.

As for requiring a practice for a stat quest, I don't find that as worrying because there is no permanent harm to a character through leaving a stat quest till late, unlike the case with spell cast levels.

Though it is true that pracs are very precious to 3rd circle mages- but since I don't know what the quest requires I can't really comment.

Admittedly I am biased because I like to do as much as possible building a character by myself without asking for help, but I really don't think that making the building of a character difficult at low levels in a way that can only be solved with high level help has positive consequences.


From: Pop Wednesday, October 21, 10:11AM

I don't think it is fair that you need a skill to complete a stat quest. Some chars have a HUGE advantage over others....mages NEED to learn the words early it is part of being a mage that you must focus on your magick early and forgo the fight skills in every fantasy novel/rpg I've ever come across.

Having said that, I think that someone should at least be able to use said skill for you in order to do said stat boost quest. Plus, if you are a warrior maybe you don't have the prereq's to learn that skill so you must spam to learn a skill, use it once only (you can get other people to use that skill at every point in the game where it might be necessary to do it). I think the reason that is is because only thief like chars should really be able to have the skill any way. I think you all (Imm's) should think really hard about this issue because it is unbalancing IMHO.



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