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Posted by Prospero on 10/15

I gave it a try, and here goes a breif beginning on its major faults. leveling is BORING, on your own is fine, but taking the route to lvl I MINDLESSLY walk around kill weenie mobs 7 or 8 levels over me, I never have to use my wimpy, never do anything but kick kick kick or whatever skill I have, lvling a mage is an exercise in utter boredom because mana killing without meditate is slow, unrewarding, and healing for a mage is about crap.

And as you progress, I find The fastest route at 35 is the same almost for lvl 15, mindlessly ticking off unchallenging mob after mob.

The rewards for grouping are meagre, especially if you take out SL.

As for lvl 50 xp running, boring boring, pointless, unrewarding The reward for harder mobs is not worth the time and effort, might as well kill lvl 40-45 mobs in 5 or 6 boring rounds for better xp net than go after the hard guys.

So what if the old xp was too easy to some people and some people lvled by ohters way too fast, at least it was worth the time and effort to go after the harder mobs, and you could group to a good advantage with 4 or 5 people, and retain decent xp.

And the challenge in making a character was there, It was fun to take a lvl 15 or so character, get yoru skills and eq together and go after a lvl 50 mob, and take 15 minutes or so and kill it, and the xp reward was worth it, but now taking out a lvl 50 mob isnt worth the xp at any lvl.

People are going to be lvled by others, if you want to ban it, say its illegal, dont make xp rewards for going for tougher kills not worth the time, put some fun back in playing a newbie.

From: Papercut Tuesday, October 06, 06:41PM

The one good feature about the new system is that there is no real xp loss at the lower levels. Not at all. Nada. In the past, dying once meant a flurry of expletives while slamming my fists against some nearby object, but now it's like (at lower lvls) uhm, gee, i hate regen.

On the other hand, dying at higher levels is such a pain, especially with the dumb bugs here and there that take off 750k even if you die bleeding, and stuff.

Getting xp, all i can say is I pk a LOT more often than I used to, because it's really not that rewarding to go on mobkilling. Sans SL, whic in relative terms give you roughly the same amount of xp as it used to (maybe more!) everything else is pretty much toned down a lot. XP you nee for unclanning has been reduced by 1/3rd, but mob xp has been reduced by 1/5th...

In general, i've personally noticed that i make almost half as much xp pkilling than what i do mobkilling (since as a pk-enabled, i take pains no t to be too vulnerable during mobkill :P) while having roughly gazillion times more fun doing it.

No, don't even say "we'll reduce the xp gain from pk" or something, the xp there is horrendous as it is :P

Oh yeah, back to saying something relevant to the original post:

It is hella boring to level, gee, my chars basically go to Africa at lvl 5, and eat/sleep/rent there til lvl 40 or so, barring a few excursions here and then for eq and stat quests. Grouping? I'm not a groupie, and not everyon can commit similar hours for reasonable duration of time, not to mention the rewards for grouping is not big enough... i mean, i can kill this mob without grouping that gives me 12k, should i bother grouping to kill a mob that gives me 15k? I don't think so.

Well, that's it for now, Creed's spamming the hell outta me


From: Prospero Tuesday, October 06, 11:51PM

Dying once or twice didnt set you back much in the old system with the exc eption of around lvl 8 or so, and then just an hour or two of work at that from then on, a death is a few mobs, Lets say from lvl 15 to 35 I attack the standard no specials 110k(lvl 50 xp). I usually win 9 of 10 times, maybe more maybe less. One kill = 1 level, 1 death equals 5 or 6 repeat kills, not too bad, each fight takes roughly 10 minutes barring luck eaither way. yeah xp loss now doesnt bother you a whit, but xp gain doesnt motivate you a bit either.

From: Hrutwang Wednesday, October 07, 01:58AM

Yes, I think, the old exps system was better.

When U liked dangerous, U could make good character and I with my friend was killing Rhys and Donncadd at L15.. It was nice..2 kills=level..

Now U can be good, but why U will go to kill RHys or Donncadd for a exp when U are at L30 or so, when in the game are mobs, which are easier and for the same exps...

It is boring now.. When U want to make a level and you are high (around 30 and more), then U must kill 60 the same mobs for your level. I think, somebody must make something with it (for example a bonus exp for something).


From: Althene Wednesday, October 07, 12:53PM

I totally agree with everything Prospero wrote.

From: Oompa Thursday, October 08, 08:05AM

me too, it's boring.. I can make xp a lot faster killing mobs around my level with little to no risk, 10k/pop, 2-3 rounds and often lose no hp's compared with mobs 15-20 levels higher than me where i'm lucky to be left with half my hps, takes many rounds and only gets me around 15k xp.

Even if this was better balanced, I'd still prefer it how it used to be. After all, nearly everybody still goes through levelling slowly until they get to know the MUD and others anyway. It shouldn't just seem like hard work after your first lvl 50 when all you want to do is try some other character types.

From: LadyHawk Thursday, October 08, 01:51PM

I know what I say is probably not that welcomed by various people, but why not try other things at Legend than killing mobs and gaining xp/levels? You could...

-GASP- try to talk to others, try to roleplay, show a newbie or newlyn around, run a game, try to build an area, walk through an area looking at things in depth and send your ideas about the area to the builder and and and.

And lots of things.


From: Papercut Thursday, October 08, 07:15PM

Different ppl enjoy muds for different reasons, and not everything appeals to them. It so happens that levelling and gaining xp is a major part of some ppl's enjoyment, and for some, the only relevant mean to derive fun from. Just because you can have fun using the alternate features of this mud doesn't make their demands on making this game enjoyable for them any less urgent, or unimportant.


From: Prospero Thursday, October 08, 09:36PM

well ladyhawk, thi spost is about xp getting, which is as valid, if not more valid form of rp than yours, if you dont have anything constructi ve to say to point out the deficiencies of the change, then well, either s say why its better, or dont distract form the topic at hand.

From: LadyHawk Thursday, October 08, 09:39PM

I did say something constructive, Prospero. I asked why you did not try other features on the mud instead of keeping compolaining about existing ones. If mob killing is boring, then why not try something new?


From: Kurt Thursday, October 08, 10:16PM

How can xp getting be a MORE valid form of RP than others forms? Seems all sorts of RP, as long as people have fun, are valid.

From: Prospero Friday, October 09, 04:47AM

No one said anythign else was as broken as the xp system, which frankly the core fighting/xp system is about the only reason to choose one RP environment over another, Most muds suck because they have horrid fight systems, and bad rewards, the way this mud is headed now, you can rp anywhere, but its hard to find a challenging and worthwhile place to play.

A LOT of the fun of leveling is gone now because the immorts DELIBERATELY choose to make challenges not worth the risk Apparently drudgery is now the desired fundamental of character leveling now in vogue among whoever runs the mud.

From: LadyHawk Friday, October 09, 11:03PM

You seem chocked that they did it DELIBERATELY? I would be more nervous if they had done it by accident, I think.

Oh well.


From: Prospero Saturday, October 10, 03:04AM

Well, I assume some forethought was put in, I hope, but it seems there wasnt.

From: Jen-Jen Monday, October 12, 09:13AM

I agree with everything Prospero have said, it's mind-numbingly boring to level now, the only thing I come on for now is talk to people and help new players. Not that that's bad, but this isn't a chatter, it's a MUD and a very big part of it is about gaining xp and level.


From: Goliath Monday, October 12, 07:13PM


Lots to think about...

I _do_think the change to XP loss at death, especially newbie death was about due. And, I also like the scale of X number of same level mobs equals another level. But, and this is a big BUT, the XP for killing a mob 10+ levels higher than one's self is too low. If a level 30 char can solo a level 45 mob, it should count as 15 same level mobs, i.e. he/she'd still have to do it 4 times.

Leveling now is MIND-NUMBING, no doubt about it. And its going to, in my opinion, chase players away. Maybe not. But maybe. Some players do come to chat, talk, socialize. However, the thing to remember is that you can do those things regardless of a fight/XP system. The mud, the gaming aspect is what gives the backdrop to this socialing, not to mention ANY RP what-so-ever!

Thats my $.02


From: Israfel Wednesday, October 14, 06:57AM

I think Goliath has managed to sum it up rather well.

It's not difficult to get xp, it's just incredibly boring, and for healers it's boring alone, and grouped, well, the company can be a plus, but it has the effect of cutting xp gain by more than half in most cases.

Which, imho, makes for even longer, more tedious, more botlike runs. I'm speaking of healers that can fight on their own, since I have no experience with weaponless druids and the like as I lack the patience to play one.

Pardon the rambling.

Israfel Shadowleaf

Servant of the Lady

From: Mars Thursday, October 15, 12:10PM

I totally agree with everything Prospero said. If I didn't have 3 level 5 0 chars I would never have had the patience to level another guy up.

The game is supposed to be FUN, not BORING. The whole reason I fight level 50 mobs is cause they usually are coded better with more effort going into making them more life like.

As for rp'ing instead of fighting..... I can remember having tons of fun getting a bunch of poeple together to go in search of the mighty octopus. (Remember Tad?) I think that it isn't the xp which makes it fun but the skill it takes to actually kill the mob. But if it is easier to level killing BORING, poorly coded, generic, cheese mobs then the game sucks. Luckily, like I said I have 3 level 50 chars so I can always entertain myself helping people get equipment or killing vlad, dis, goign to SL or whatever. Before this change went in that totally changed the entire game there should have been a HUGE effort by the imm's to recode every mob in the game and not make it a cookie-cutter mob which in effect turns the mud into a cookie-cutter mud. I like killin gmobs with names. Not hunt woman, or hunt officer, or hunt foot-pad. That's for low levels not level 30's. I'm glad people are actually talking about this travesty.



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