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Posted by Papercut on 10/19

Okay. now the priority goes as follows.

First attack with skill - prio

Initiate combat without skill, have round pass - prio

Stun target, when target wakes up - prio (stunner has prio)

Get combat inititated upon, but you skill first - prio

What does this mean, well, it means that if a mob has hunt, it's chances of beating the hell out of you is rather great. Also, it means that stunners no longer benefit from being online longer than the mob, as each stun will reverse priority, and guarantee that the mob will wake up and hit. (so in mobkill, stun has been downgraded, since it loses its defensive capability barring a worse-for-wear and such)

In pk, it means that max wimpy is no longer as viable, since given equal links and typing speeds, you will always split priorities.

Just a summary, wondering if those things are all intended.


From: Papercut Sunday, October 11, 07:35PM

btw, backstab doesnt give you priority.

From: Chirpy Sunday, October 11, 09:13PM

but missing a backstab does!

From: Rufus Sunday, October 11, 09:29PM

Cool, I'm glad to know my changes work as planned.


From: Papercut Sunday, October 11, 10:18PM

so a backstab doesnt give you prio? that's messed up, it's a fight skill :P

From: Arsene Monday, October 12, 03:56AM

Maybe if some logic of this was explained, cause it makes zero sense.

From: Lethargio Monday, October 12, 04:10AM

make priority random, renting out to get rid of priorities can get annoying.

From: Arsene Monday, October 12, 08:06AM

would be nice if it was stat based, with a DEGREE of random, but then mobs woudl own priority

From: Rufus Monday, October 12, 04:03PM

It is partially stat based. Part stats (small part), part agg/wary, part disposition (position at time of combat initiation), and whether or not the mob is aggressive, and in fact, HOW agressive that mobile is.

Oh yeah, there's a random element to it, as well.

And as far as the backstab thing, that should be corrected sometime in the near future. It was literally initating the fight twice in the code, so the victim would always get prio.


From: Oompa Tuesday, October 13, 05:06AM

Shouldn't shooting give you priority? a sniper tanking just doesn't seem right.

From: Papercut Tuesday, October 13, 09:14PM

Hrm, recently i tried backstab with my lowlevel char, and he splits prio with the mob, depending on rather random strings of luck. Also, sometimes i retain priority when the guy initiating combat fails his/her skill, is that meant to be?

From: Cornflake Monday, October 19, 02:09PM

I lose prio when i stun a mob. This doesn't make much sense to me. If I were hitting someone in real life, and they fell on the ground, and I kept pounding them until they woke up, and they stood up, doesn't it make sense that I would have a much better chance of landing a punch before them?


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