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Something about hide!

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Posted by Kurik on 10/20

I want to know, how can ppl hide with light?

How hide works?

I think, when somebody has light, then he can't hide or he can? When somebody want to be hide, then he must make something for it. When he is hiding, then he can't has light, coz his light will show, where he is now.

Yes, ppl can say now, how it is with invis?

I think, with invis U can have light, coz I mean, that invis spell makes an aura about you and therefore nobody can see you.

I want to know opinions pf other ppl now.

With Gods, Kurik!

From: Papercut Wednesday, October 14, 10:34PM

If you were to hide in a box, light won't show.

If you hid in broad daylight, light won't show.

If you hid with the light against your back (relative to the opponent) your light won't show.

If you hid your light beneath a thick cloak, light won't show.

If you had a very weak light source to begin with, light won't show.

If you were hiding from a half-wit, they wouldn't know anyway.

Or, if you want to go that far, why not give high perc ppl see-invs, since even if you are invis, you'll inevitably make noise as you move? And, uhm, as a mage, you seriously have no reason to complain about ppl hiding, you can simply chant two words and voila! you don't even have to cast it in every room you suspect we are in, you can simply carry it around with you, unlike us who have to re-hide everytime we do anything.

From: Heero Tuesday, October 20, 10:27AM

hehe an easy way to find people who are hiding w/ a light is to move around at night w/o a light.

my $0.02


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