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Posted by Arsene on 10/30

Seems parry has went from a dex skill, then to a skill for everyone, then back, and weapons that parry keep changing in and out, half, or more of the good dex weapons dont parry, I mean who is the skill supposed to be for? Why not just stick it back on all the non dagger dex weapons, and adjust it up or down drom there instead of this constant changing of parrry to no parry, creating more and more hoards of old weapons

From: Papercut Friday, October 16, 02:24PM

it changed again? anyway, i personally don't see the logic of making weapons non-parry, maybe just have -% parry bonus instead of getting rid of them.

From: Sandra Friday, October 16, 02:48PM

I haven't seen anything that's said parry has changed again. No weapons were changed, except those that were done so when parry first went in. If I've missed a post somewhere saying that there has been a change in parry recently, or in weapons with parry recently, by all means, correct me on it.


From: Zeus Friday, October 16, 03:41PM

Demon claws changed recently.... I _KNOW_ I didnt see a post about that.


From: Fleance Friday, October 16, 10:25PM

Its changed a LOT often.

weapons have went from parry to no parry, etc, who knows, woudl be nice just armslore on the same weapon from different times gotten gives differe nt messages.

From: Rufus Saturday, October 17, 12:15AM

I'm not going to post every single little change in my areas. Sorry. Two weapons, VERY POWERFUL ones, were changed because some people thought that having these weapons be able to parry was overshadowing lots of other weapons in the game.

Oh, and for those nit picky, I gave the demon kings 3 more hit points. Oh yeah, and I changed it so that some of the smaller mobs in india have 1 less strength.



From: Creed Saturday, October 17, 04:48PM

No offense, though i'm sure you'll take it anyway, but changing the way a weapon works and giving a mob 3 hitpoints is a bit different. At least in my opionon.


From: Zeus Monday, October 19, 10:56PM

As long as we're on the topic, and tweaking weapons is just so easy, here's some suggestions:

trident: up the str +1, up the damage to one more than its current weight

star sword: remove the flash spell and give it +5 to a stat to go along with its other spell

jeweled dagger: put it back to Q5, add a +5 to a stat and give it the weaken spell

Herne's sword: fix the rent to be comparable to its stats, ie subract about 5k from its current, and maybe add +30hp to it

kitty: how about a heavy version

draco spear: make it Q5

the laibon's staff: make a totally new weapon

It seems that everyone has the same weapons in each fight style almost. Most con fighters use a heavy brahman, most dex/perc type use a sharp wit (or an old gae-bolg, but we wont go there), most str fighters use a demon claw or serrated.

I personally like variety and think there should be about 4 to 5 of each type of weapon that is the best, or very comparable.


From: Danar Monday, October 19, 11:37PM

Erm...I like variety as much as the next, but I think most of the changes you've suggested aren't really THAT necessary, especially the str weapon mods: strength already has the most options re weapons, and Herne's sword mods: strength already has the most options re weapons, and Herne's sword, at 5k less rent and +30 hp, would be quite a bit better IMHO than the silver serrated. I'd switch in a heartbeat, considering it would allow me to carry marigolds, hellebores, spam gear and perma light without going overrent OR significantly changing the quality of my weapon, with more hp thrown in for free. And the whole point of the star sword was (as far as I could see) the blinding flash; it's a nasty sword that looked overpowered to a lot of people at first glance but that in practice can get you killed faster than an improperly applied clapper. Also, I really think the draco spear quest is a bit too easy to be q5: those kinds of weapons are supposed to be HARD.

Basically, I've seen a lot of good pkillers wielding a lot more weapons than you've stated. Strength has quite a few good weapons to choose from already without tooling up Herne, dex fighters get to take the spell effect that corresponds to their fighting style, and con fighters...well, fighters get lots of respect from other fighters because of their HP values, but that's about it. We could maybe use a couple nice clubs... Now, if you want weapons that are BETTER then the good weapons available, I'm still pushing for a club that makes your opponent forage when you hit and a stunning sword with magic sink. ;P


From: Prospero Tuesday, October 20, 08:10PM

Good suggestions, well some, but geez, talk to players about changes and pkill, and lofty discussions we cant understand, ask for the moon. Would be nice to see a variety of weapons, maybe nicer if half the dex weapons out there that were usable , well 2 out of 4 parry, while well, who knows what parries now change weapons, and you coudl be giving away a treasure cause it will change next day.

If you dont want weapons overshadowing others, just make others better, The gae wasnt giving dex fighters superiority, but changing it makes it nearly useless for fighting weapon mobs or pkilling now You just totally emasculated a wepaon cause no one was using wits or wormys, or serpents, make them better, or make the jewel dagger better.

What does it hurt as long as the weapon is only q5, net 5, and one effect, with a rent corresponding to its weight/da attributes, make weapons people WANT to use not ones they cant

From: Zeus Wednesday, October 21, 02:22PM

I'd like to respond to Danar's append:

As far as lots of options existing, especially for str fighters, well I say there are "some" options -- but there can never be TOO many options, as long as they are balanced.

And, for you point about the Herne's changes I suggested making it an overpowered weapon -- are you sure?

You would be giving up +5 stat points, +9damroll points to gain 30 HP and save 2500 rent. I call that fair. Did you forget that a sword exists that is +5 stat points, +damroll AND +20HP for less rent than your Vlad's sword?

Just a few comments - I appreciate feed back and anyone else who has new and/or improved weapons suggestions PLEASE append them. This is, ya know, a discussion board. Yeah, yeah I know the idea command works, but this way other players can see your suggestions and comment on them.


From: Danar Wednesday, October 21, 10:56PM

hrm. Okay. I thought you meant +30 hp and slash rent in addition to the original sword. Sorry. Confused.


From: Celia Thursday, October 22, 07:44AM

I do find it very peculiar when people say that high quality weapons are 'useless', or that such and such a character type has been 'eliminated' as an effective type etc just because its possible that there is a slightly more powerful combination.

As I said, I fight with a con weapon, and often solo several level 50 mobs in a row without healing, including one that gives 40k xp- yet I am supposed to believe that I am ineffective and my weapon is unuseable?

Ideally there would be several high-quality weapons for each fight stat which are equivalent in potential but do different things. I do think that any change to weapons should be announced (or at least it should be announced that some minor changes have been made to some equip in an area).

As far as strength having lots of options, I have actually been put off building strength fighters because it seems that many of the best strength weapons are either align restricted or extremely hard to get compared to dex and con weapons. That may not be quite so true anymore, but I don't think that strength fighters are especially spoiled for choice when you consider some of the restrictions that apply.


From: Prospero Friday, October 23, 04:30PM

You can kill mobs with almost anything with a 100 stat, and since you arent talking pkill, I am, try to fight in pk without 100 dex and using a con weapon as a fighter, see how far you get. Well, at least you can probably parry , more than most snipers the claw and serrated are very good weapons for pkill, far outdoing the gae as a crossover comparison.

The wormy parries, but it is light and the special is useless the serpent dagger is very useless, the wit , well its not worth the use of the slot.

There is no real sniper weapon but an old gae.

From: Danar Saturday, October 24, 03:57AM

hrm. I kinda understand what you're saying, Prospero, but what I don't really follow is what you said about the wit. The sharp wit is a high-dam dex weapon without any specials, which sounds a lot like a silver serrated sword. Is the lack of stat points the only objection you have?

Of course the old gae-bolg was a true sniper's weapon; it had a special that was perfectly suited to a shooter. Again, the q5 str weapons, by and large, don't have spell effects at all...


From: Celia Saturday, October 24, 09:32AM

Prospero, you said that changing the gae-bolg 'makes it nearly useless for fighting weapon mobs or pkill', then you say 'you can kill mobs with almost anything'. That is a direct contradiction, implying that a weapon which can kill mobs is useless for fighting mobs, which doesn't make sense And elsewhere you have made comments that this or that weapon or character type is useless, and not said that you are referring only to pkill. This is not a pkill board, and not everybody is totally preoccupied with how to dominate in pkill. I didn't even think you were clanned, so there is no reason why anybody would think you are talking only about pkill. Lots of clanned dex fighting characters have never used a gae-bolg, and don't act like the world is coming to an end because a weapon got 'emasculated', one which many people have never had any opportunity to get.

Btw, nice choice of word, emasculated =P Celia

From: Eol Saturday, October 24, 11:26PM

Are you as dumb as you act, danar? the serrated has two hefty stat bonuse and the claw, while doing insane damage. The wit is a total waste of a p weapon, and celia, killing mobs is EASY, you can do it with anything, But small differences have a way of throwing pk into a mess.

And with the recent strengthening of the serrated the dex weapons lag behind str weapons, in a big way.

This isnt a pk board, its a board where MOSt of th esystem posts are about in case you dont notice, so dont cop an attitude about it celia.

From: Celia Sunday, October 25, 12:18AM

In case you didn't notice EoL thats what I said, this isn't a pkill board, so unless you say you are referring only to pkill people will not know it. Do you ever try reading what anybody writes before you reply? And Prospero specifically said the gae-bolg was useless for 'weapon mobs' not just pkill, so I guess you agree that his statement is ridiculous since you can kill mobs with anything? Glad we are in agreement. Sheesh.

And I happen to know Danar is not the least bit 'dumb', nor does he act it.

Most of the posts on this board are about what? Pkill? If so, I'd say theres a good chance pkill will be taken out sooner or later, as I'm sure the immorts have better things to do than read lots of agressive, abusive posts from people terrified that they won't be able to rock the pkill world any more due to some change. Of course imbalances in pkill should be pointed out, but try wording it politely, and acknowledging that this is just a problem for pkill and doesn't affect everyone, you might get further.


From: Deirdre Sunday, October 25, 09:29AM

Ok, lessee...first-yes, the serrated sword does have two good stat bonuses But it also has a -stat, and it's renty. The Gae-Bolg, for slightly less r rent, as I recall, also has a decent stat bonus and an extremely useful sp special. As for the wit, it does the same damage as the bolg with significantly less rent. Which makes it extremely useful for characters wh who can't yet rent the bolg. Additionally, the serrated sword is alignment restricted, which neither the wit nor the bolg are. I've never used a demo demon's claw personally, so I can't really comment on it. Do the wit or th the bolg do as much damage as the better swords? No, and it's a good thing they don't, otherwise being a strength fighter would be pointless. Still, with nine attacks with the bolg or the wit versus five for the serrated, those two dex weapons can do -almost- as much damage as the sword, which isn't bad. I've seen dex fighters with bolgs get "rip to shreds" messages more than once.

Maybe with the loss of parry the bolg should lose a little rent-say 500 or so. But either way, it's still a damn good weapon, and my dex fighters are still going to use them.


From: Eol Tuesday, October 27, 05:12PM

claw, serrated and gae all have similar rent, the minus on the serrated is ont that str fighters laugh at, The wit has no stats and no special, a waste to a lvl 50. You try fighting vs a parry sword with a no parry gae and see what happens.

Its extremely absurd, stupid, etc.

From: Danar Friday, October 30, 03:12AM

Awright, Eol, 1. If I wanted argument ad hominem, I'd chat something about the Dark Guppy. Injecting random insults into your diatribe is unlikely to endear many people to your viewpoint.

2. My point was, the wit does about as much damage as you could reasonably expect a dex weapon to do, and I can rent it over and above my full eq list, so I'm not sure why you would consider the gae-bolg the only solution to your problem unless you just having basically a custom- tailored special (which, incidentally, no other char type really has, so far as I can see). As for the 'insane damage' factor of the serrated: well, duh. That's kinda what str weapons DO. Dex fighters get their impressively violent backstabs, and con fighters at least have headbutt, which has a guaranteed stun when it hits, but the ONLY reason str fighters compete is sheer damage capability. If it were a DEX weapon, THEN it'd have insane damage.


(actually, guppy jokes tend just to get yawns now. I'd have to call Payne some sort of nasty fish, I guess.)


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