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Rent Value!

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Posted by Osiris on 10/23

I would like some thought put into the rent values of things on this mud. For instance....2 particular shields..but with virtually the same +stat gain and same AC have alomst a 600 rent difference just because one is made out of a different material? This material give the player no advantage whatsoever. Shrug...I am just a little confused as to why it is more renty? I think items should be based more on a merit type thing...like ac...weight...stats...which for the most part they are...i don't think the material should factor in unless it gives a distinct advantage over some other material. Anyway...

please do append.


From: Rufus Tuesday, October 20, 10:19PM

Material type greater alters how fast something is damaged and the overall amount of damage it can take.


From: Papercut Wednesday, October 21, 12:38AM

i do think that one of those shields are usable by 2 aligns, while the other is restricted to simply one align, making the rent diff justifiable just on that end.

(i think :P)

From: Osiris Wednesday, October 21, 02:04PM

yeah but the one that is restricted is more rent :p

From: Papercut Wednesday, October 21, 04:38PM

ponder, last i checked the less restricted one was at 3.5k, the restricted one was at 3k, and the one with crappy acs was at 2.5k :P

From: Osiris Friday, October 23, 11:45AM

i think you are on a different level here...the non-restricted one is 1.4k while the restricted one is 2k. You are on a higher level of shields :)



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