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new dex and con earrings

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Posted by Palin on 10/28

this is rediculous...these two earrings in paticular are way too easy to get if you take into account the money they used to bring in if you had one to sell. I suck, and I can solo both mobs without even making a doppie. it also makes a certain quest pointless. you don't need 6 earrings, you only need 2 to 4, and this way you get to hand pick them... which I like, but the above named earrings are just TOO easy to get.

-Palin Mejere.

From: Papercut Monday, October 26, 03:51PM

i do think that the earrings are relatively easy to get, but considering they're slightly rentier (yes, miniscule, but even that makes a difference sometimes) i still see many circumstances where the actual quest earrings will come in handy. Besides, i think gear should be accessible to all, and more importance placed on ppl being able to use their chars, not just having enough friends and connection to get the eq.

From: Zeus Monday, October 26, 04:09PM

1) If you dont like them, dont use them.

2) They make have decent EQ way easier for players who are new to Legend. I mean you really think a true new player here could hook up with 2 cobras or 2 bees? Let me help you out -- No way!

3) The quest isnt required, and if you dont like the prize, why dont you just not do it?

Many times items are removed (old sancs) or changed (old cloak of midnight) to make them more balanced.

This is one change that I like, it makes re-eq'ing after a DT much much more easy, and helps new players. I fail to see how this in some way hurts YOUR character.


From: Palin Monday, October 26, 06:46PM

it was my statement that this hurt people money wise...

I had 3 or 4 of the new ones today, I actually sold one for 10k... compared to it's 200k, sometimes more counterpart, and that is what I'm complaining about, not the fact that they are there, the fact that the paticular mobs that have these certain 2 earrings (dex and con) are too easy to get. the rest of your append I agree with, even though it had nothing to do with my original post.

From: Rufus Monday, October 26, 10:13PM

Hmm, again, glad to see my solution worked. Here were some of my goals:

1) people not feeling like they have to throw their chars away after DT's

2) Devaluing certain objects (the bulk of the player-to-player economy shouldn't revolve around 4 to 5 items)

3) Using quest items and their associated rent value bonuses as rewards to quests

4) a balancing of new players to old

Near as I can tell, it helped all of these situations.


From: Melanie Monday, October 26, 11:54PM

Well, since it seems ta be a bit harder ta make a whole lot of money through auction or whutnot, maybe the imms could be a bit merciful on the housin' cost whenever that goes in:P -hint hint- -poke poke-

-Melanie C aka Sporty Spice

From: Papercut Tuesday, October 27, 04:15AM

Any plans on slashing rent further on the quest items?

15% or so would make a hell of a lot of difference in weapons or damroll items, but as far as regular 5nets go, the difference is rather miniscule, it seems.. earrings anyway.

I do think it's a step in the right direction tho, i want to have a lot of eq become easily replacable with some rentier cousin, so that looting in pk can have more an option than simply just looting coins :P

From: Huck Tuesday, October 27, 05:26AM

actually, I haven't seen too many seoni dex earrings go on auction anyhow, so I don't see what the big deal is.

If you're good enough to run seoni, and run it well, then you're good enough to make money doing other stuff =P

From: North Tuesday, October 27, 08:41AM

New earrings? Oh no! Does this mean my services as a seoni guide will no longer be needed? -whine- -looks for classified section-


From: Ishtar Wednesday, October 28, 05:46AM

I think the new equip is a great idea, IMO there has always been some conflict between heavy dependence on equip & need for one-off quest items on the one hand, and the presence of DTs and looting in pkill on the other

As a clanned character I tried to avoid using quest items as much as possible, especially, the more difficult earrings. Losing just one can mean having to change around most of your other equip, if you had exactly the stats needed for casting etc and there is nothing similar available fo that slot. This leads to cheesy things like people setting up equip banks on friends chars etc. Also I like to solve quests for myself, but have sometimes asked for a solution simply because I needed the piece of equip urgently and there was nothing similar around.

I do think there should be a range of equip that is valuable enough for people to be motivated to get it to earn money, and this also helps to mak equip available for those who do not have friends to help get it. If availability is restricted to increase value, I would like to see more methods other than simply putting it on tougher mobs, which selectively disadvantages those who don't group much but is easily overcome by those who always group. The opal ring is one example of an item which can be got solo by a high level character, yet is restricted enough in availability that there is a reasonable demand for it. This provides an opportunity for those who like to rely on their own skills rather than group to get equip. I would like to see this type of method used more often.



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