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Posted by Rei on 10/26

I was wondering regarding the skill 'Night Vision'. It sounds so good, yet people say it's useless, because it only allows you to see your exits as if it was daylight. How about upgrading the skill a little, so that you can see people like in the spell (forgot the name), and also when you scan you can see mobs in adjacent rooms at night. It'd seem quite a good skill for a high perc character willing to spend a practice. =)


Rei Ayanami

From: LadyAce Monday, October 26, 01:38PM

I do know that light levels in general are slated for adjustment, and night vision probably plays into those changes. Your idea is a good one, and we may have something similar on the list of changes, but I'm not sure.

At any rate, we're trying to avoid doing any more skill reimbursements or swaps, in anticipation of skill trees. My concern would be that any change which turned a currently useless and unused skill, into a useful one, would indeed require the administrative nightmare of reimbs/swaps.


From: Papercut Monday, October 26, 03:50PM

I personally find night vision quite useful, esp when exploring.. with a permanent light source and night vision, the time of day never hinders exploration :P

But it would be nice if night vision allowed you infravision, or even allowed some form of protection against blind :P

From: Zeus Monday, October 26, 04:15PM

No protection from blindess! Put back the way it was!


What? Who me? I didn't say that! Uh, what -- a cause mage -- me?

Hmm.... -takes the 5th-



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