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Something about eq!

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Posted by Phantoom on 10/26

I think it wants more good weapons.

It seems stupid when everybody go with silver serrated sword, staff of Brahman.

Maybe more areas witn new mobs and eq will be good too. i know, i can say it easy, it is worse to make it, but it seems bad too, when everybody go almost in the same eq (i mean dex fightes are using the same eq, str fightes too and etc).

Idea with double earring isn't so bad, but u can make, that mobs will load it slowly (for example as Cesare his ring) and maybe hardest mobs could have it...

i think it is all, what i wanted to say..


From: Mo Monday, October 26, 09:28PM

I've seen people use a range of different weapons, be it str or dex or con. Sure, there are more heavy brahmans out there for con fighters, but it isn't as if they don't have many other options; I see quite a few with make-staff staves and kittys as well.

As far as str goes, there are mostly either demon claw or the serrated, mostly since they are the only str weapons to offer both stat and damroll bonuses, making it more suitable for str fighters.

Dex has much choice, from people using wits, gae-bolgs, wormtooths and serpent daggers. It isn't really the lack of choice in weaponry, but the lack of the perceived 'decent char' that dictates the choice of weapons


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