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Two things to clarify

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Posted by Zhang-Fei on 10/30

Just to clarify two things regarding my death, as to whether these are now in-game features, or whether there was a bug in the recently revised code:-

If you get a stunning headbutt, is it possible for the mob to wake up as many as 6 rounds before you yourself do? That makes the skill almost suicidal without a waker.

In my two years of headbutting, this is the first time the mob has woken up so much earlier - virtually everytime we wake simulaneously and once in a blue moon one of us gets a round or two free.

Secondly, I was always under the impression that being stunned sort of removed rage from you. This is totally unfounded, and just an impression. I couldn't flee after the mob laid in six rounds on me while stunned, and I just want to know if stunning used to clear rage before, and if they're meant to.

Thanks, not whining, but I just want to ensure that I don't go killing myself again.


Tiger General of Shu

From: Renee Wednesday, October 28, 02:16PM

The rage part, I don't know about. But as to the first part of your query: To my knowledge, you can stun yourself with a headbutt without stunning your target. I seem to recall this because the Inn Keeper did it to me once, but I'm not sure if that feature is still in the game. And 1 death i two years of playing here for those reasons is pretty good. I mean, ok from the way you were talking it sounds like you use headbutt a lot, and have probably not been stunned this way before, so...

Renee Le'Marta.

Erstwhile Coven Witch

From: Papercut Thursday, October 29, 04:22AM

I don't think you can stun yourself without stunning the target, never happened to me, but it is perfectly feasible for the mob to wake up earlier, and land a stunning special on you while you are stunned, as i believe that code isn't imp'd yet.

From: Eol Friday, October 30, 09:55AM

and yes, rage and calm flags are either wayyyyy changed or messed up, as calm isnt stopping rage, nor stuns.


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