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Posted by Papercut on 10/30

I am sure i am not the only one to notice that most nifty bonuses like hit, dam, and hp etc seem to be placed on str weapons.

As for the other weapons, it's usually one or the other, and rarely do you see a weapon with both stat and those nifty bonuses in place.

It would be, in my opinion, quite interesting to have some dex/con weapons with such, but it seems that the trend is to place spells on dex weapons, dam on str weapons, and, uhm, not much on con weapons :P

I have yet to try clanning a con-based char, and it would be far more interesting if there was more choice out there for con fighters other than the brahman and the kitty :P


From: Sig Friday, October 30, 01:32AM


From: Ixeldreth Friday, October 30, 07:27PM

I can't remember the last time I even saw a skullstaff, probably because its not worth the incredible effort to get one. Otherwise you would at least see vlad-like groups to go after it. At least vlad gives you a couple of things, and he is easy to get too. Blah! too much effort!

From: Myrella Friday, October 30, 09:07PM

Last I knew the fellow that has the skullstaff has a few other nifty toys too. adn as for good staves I agree there is only two good ones that gie stats other than the skulf staff, there needs to be imho an increase in the number of good con weapons, I can only think of 4 off hand I'd consider using and one of those provided no stats nad is rather renty considering it doesn't.



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