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stuff damagable in all slots

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Posted by Fuma on 11/01

hmm ...

it still didnt happen to me ... maybe coz i am still more like a newbie char and coz i am not fighting tough mobs ... till now ...

but i heard that all our stuff is damagable now and i think thats not good ... especially for our valuable rings and earrings ...

i mean ... hey come on who the hell uses an earring to block an attack ? or who would risk his finger only to parry the enemies slash with his cloudy opal ring

i agree that if my enemy casts immolation or firestorm on me that even that stuff could get damaged, but it shouldnt be able to damage it while usual 1 on 1 non-magical battle

-bow- just my opinion



From: Papercut Sunday, November 01, 01:37PM

I think the damage on those icky slots will come mostly from spells, and even that's nothing new; i've had damaged earrings and such by getting too close to fire.

From: Rufus Sunday, November 01, 03:03PM

The chance of hitting some of the 'small' slots is extremely rare (compared to something like a shield, the chance of hitting an earring is about 100 times less).

The idea is not that you block something with those slots intentionally more like they get hit accidentally.


From: Cianor Sunday, November 01, 05:19PM

Yeah, I guess a mace hit to the head would have a chance of damaging an earring. Unless you had a big helmet on? We also have gloves, and I think metal gloves would protect rings fairly well. Still, it is slightly more real that everything can be damaged.


From: Zeus Sunday, November 01, 09:39PM

Let me guess -- all rings and earrings and held items are trueform only? If so -- please address why mend and repair completely SUCK compared to one stupid spell available to chars from ONE hometown.


From: Rufus Sunday, November 01, 09:58PM

many items have been changed from TF to repair/mend. Unfortunately, you'll have to get new ones.


From: Oxalis Sunday, November 01, 10:48PM

I have always found tform much easier to obtain than repair (from players at any rate).



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