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Posted by Poetry on 11/05

What was the rational behind increasing the backstab alertness flag to 2 ticks? As a sniper I have low hps and no attack that consistantly stuns I fight people like Barabas that hunt, and headbutt. (thats the whole strategy) and I have a hard time fighting them, cause they stun me consistantly, hit while Im stunned, and dont take damage while Im stunned. Meanwhile, I am constantly tanking. Backstab was the one attack that made perception worth it. I am headbutt, bash, stun, choke bait, so that I could backstab. I dont really see a reason to continue fighting with this new change. I am already constantly stunned or bashed, only now I cant do damage either.

From: Poetry Sunday, November 01, 04:19PM

Id like to add, in response to Sergi's append to Papercut's post, -hug fellow sniper- that snipe is no consolation because it has zero fighting use. I would rather they removed sniped, and increase my chance to tumble any one of the myriad of attacks that Im bait for. Sergi, why do we make snipers that cant hit or do anything, we will just increase the chance from them to snipe to 50 percent. How fun is that? Im already frustrated that my ability to be competitive in pkill is reduced because snipe is included in my "portfolio" and other skills where reduced to keep it balanced.

Im usually really nice, and I almost never post complaints about anything that imms code. I love the sniper code, the old code from the old system was horrible! And I love the new combat system. This change to backstab is really aggrivating. I dont like to say bad things about people, but I really dont think that Ea! knows what he is doing in this case.:( I say that with reluctance and sadness. Ea! just made snipers even more reliant on luck. I dont just understand the point. My character is so unfun to play if I cant backstab, and he just made impossible to backstab more than once in a fight. I cant possible possibly tank 2 ticks to wait for the next one. And shoot is unreliable too.

Ea!, you make a sniper, in fact, you play my sniper, and make me a 100 con 60 mind cause mage with decent dex and str to fight you with. And you tell me how ridicules your change is. I would appreciate if people that actually know a little about pkill, and played pkillers would be the ones making these balancing decisions.

In fact when you play me as a sniper, Ill just make a set of triggers that hunts you and headbutts. I think you will see the problem with snipers much faster than your current method of looking at the code and saying, "I wonder what will happen if I do this?"

-frustrated- sorry about my tone, I dont think I was every more annoyed by a coders change. I cant even type well. Whatever, Ill make another

I have an idea, make backstabs para more often and for less time? Then maybe I could compete on a more even level with people, and not frustrate them with a 300 hps backstab that causes imms to make ridicules decisions in the name of balance.

When it comes down to it, imms are not imms, but just mortals that you can that you cant kill.

Poetry Ramona

From: It Sunday, November 01, 05:09PM

very nicely put...-tip poetry- I couldna siad it better myself, I spent quite a while preping this char for pkill, now this char is rather useless. increase our shooting chances I say, backstab WAS too powerful, but now snipers plain suck.

-It -=obnoxious=-

From: Gaidal Sunday, November 01, 06:07PM

I'm not trying to brag but I believe i was one of the better pkill snipers around in my day. I perma'd because everyone seemed bent on toning down the snipers. What they didn't realize is that when a sniper wins they have to WORK for it. I came back and my new pkiller is a dex/str damroll char. I have yet to lose to a sniper and I dont even use strategy. I bash them to leaking guts they run away and heal then I bash them to dead. I would MUCH rather be a sniper. They are far more fun and far more challenging but with these new changes the challenge is getting to be a bit too much. Even before this 2 tick backstab was suggested I had my doubts about snipers chances in pkill but now I am sure of it. If this gets implemented it will destroy pkill snipers. Why take away what little they have when everyone else already has the advantage over them. You know im not whining because im losing since my pkiller is Strength. I know that I have a big advantage. I'd rather see my pkiller toned down than see the death of snipers in pkill. I have no problem with backstabs power. If anything snipers need a boost in power because they are seriously hurting already.

Enough rambling for me though... please dont kill all the nice little snipers.

Gaidal Cain

From: Papercut Sunday, November 01, 06:46PM

I would like to hear, if possible, the reasoning behind the change in the flag. I've heard some stuff like "what fun is it when you are just stunned and die?" but that's exactly what happens to snipers. You get bashed, headbutted, and voila, you are dead. And while you are helpless doing nothing, unlike when other char types get a stun (they just sit there, maybe cast a spell, do a little skill) snipers have to flee, recognize the room as being a certain direction away from where you were, then move back in and backstab, and repeat. Easy enough for some of us, but quite impossible in mazes to pull off, so if you were that paranoid, you could always try to drag the fight into those areas.

Also, INFO is -very- deceptive. Just because certain players and characters kill a lot, doesnt mean squat regarding balance. As a matter of fact, the char types that the active pkers play will ALWAYS come across as being overpowered, since they won't die as often, but will surely stick around for their kill.


From: Oompa Monday, November 02, 08:35AM

Seems if backstab was overpowered, you'd be better off reducing its damage a little which would also cut down on the para / multiple flee / backstab combos which can lead to the victims death without the sniper losing 1 hp.

Another thing, I don't know if it's a bug or what but the change to inspire is a bit harsh, you don't get a chance for a 2nd backstab anyway. I was hammered by headbutts and I stayed inspired ??

From: Barabas Monday, November 02, 10:34PM

Hunting and heabutting is my whole strategy? Not so, Poetry, I often leer at you as well!

As for insinuation that I use triggers to headbutt you, for that's how I read your append, you're wrong. I do use autohunt sometimes but the only triggers I use in pkill are some stand ones.

So excuse me if I bore you but am obnoxious enough not to die a lot.

Barabas BoneCrusher

From: Papercut Wednesday, November 04, 01:40AM

There is very little room for any strategy in pk unless you pit the same chartypes, imho. You usually end up using the one skill that gives you the best results, and strategy is usually restricted to knowing when to run :P

A counterstrike skill could be neat, say, you type counter headbutt within 1 round of the opponent actually typing headbutt, and if the opponent does what you expected to counter, they get whacked, if they don't, you get whacked :P

There's no real disadvantage to being predictable, you can simply bash all day or headbutt all night and get away with it as long as it's something your opponent is susceptible to. Snipers should get that tricky skill of anticipating the opponent's moves... would make pk a helluva lot more fun.


From: Zeus Thursday, November 05, 04:50PM

-nod papercut- Yeah, a counter-attack skill for only snipers would make the game more fun --- for SNIPERS! Well, I guess we could all play 100dex/perc Limans.......


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