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Posted by Zeus on 11/23

Just a question:

From: Zeus Sunday, November 01, 09:45PM

oops sorry...

Anyways, with the damcap now before the pkill damage reduction, no super damroll dex fighter will hit 127 in pk anymore. So, the question is, does this apply to backstab?

I am fine with the 1 tick timer, 2 seems high I suppose, but I honestly have received a 120HP backstab recently.

I know these are rare, but shouldnt they be capped as well?


From: Papercut Monday, November 02, 03:12AM

The way I understand this situation is:
Before, you did X amount of damage, then the reduction took place, and then the damcap was applied. What this meant was that str fighters with damroll could hit almost as if there wasn't a cap in place (if X was large enough to begin with).

Now, the damcap is applied to X before the reduction takes place, bringing all the excess damage down, so the damage disparity between str and other classes are evened out.

However, there has never been, to my understanding, any real separate damcap for skills in pk, so backstabs, immolates and whatnot will still do roughly the same amount of damage as before. Papercut


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