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Posted by Papercut on 11/08

With the new priority, a target with autorush, in my experience, gains priority over the one that shoots.

This renders shoot/flee fairly useless, considering it'll always be a tradeoff between your shots vs their regular round attacks. Not to mention the fact that shots miss, every two shots they have a chance to land with a skill--headbutt, bash, stun, etc. What this means is that in order for anyone to use shoot effectively in combat, they have to actually tank the target without fleeing. (in shoot/flee, you shoot, get hit, shoot, get hit, get specialed, or in tanking you shoot, get hit, hit, shoot, get hit, hit, get specialed)

So the only option left for any shooter chars is to hope for a backstab, or a snipe. Snipe flags last forever (4 ticks?) and there is virtually no chance of trying to snipe someone once you fail the first one, even if we assume the target is stupid enough to grant you the first chance.

Backstabs come far and few inbetween, and so far, I've seen just as many jumps as paras, if not way more--6 times already, the bunnies in sherwood managed to dodge my backstab.

If we want the sniper class to be virtually incompetent, only being to rel on spam gear to give them even a glimmer of a chance, just say so. As of now, if you are bashed, you can either choose to stand and shoot and get hit by another bash right after (both chars skill lag wears off at the same time if you shoot) or stand and flee, and simply run around until they catch up to you and bash you again.

The only reason I personally prefer sniper chars over other chartypes is

From: Papercut Sunday, November 08, 04:23PM

feh, ld.

cuz there's actually something to do while you pk, other than simply kicking or immolating on a stun. Once you get a para, it's up to the player to actually take advantage of it, by knowing the rooms, etc, as opposed to simply going whee, kick! or something. :P


From: Ea! Sunday, November 08, 04:34PM

It's already been changed so that the shooter will have priority over the victim. It'll be in next time we update the code (friday).



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