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Posted by T-Bone on 11/11

Currently most skills either simply fail or succeed, one result being very good, the other being detrimental in some way. Wouldn't it be better if for example bash had a chance to send both you and the target to the ground.

Perhaps headbutts shouldn't totally rock when they connect and totally suck when they miss also.. If for example you both had the same con it may have a 30% chance to stun, 30% to do some damage, possibly even knock them down for 1 round instead and leaving a lesser chance of it totally backfiring (if at all).

I also think dex should have trip as it seems more fitting to trip/flee/backstab or kick and it could also give a chance to stun when the victim falls hard. Choke could then be moved where it seems more fitting, with strength fighters.

Anyway, adding or moving skills may be too much to ask but I hope you'll consider spreading the outcome of skills to make a few bad rolls of the dice have a lesser impact.

From: Dusk Tuesday, November 10, 06:32PM

On the note of skills, I realize that this may be way out of the question, but in my opinion, bash is a bit overpowered, is it way out of the question to have it moved from knocking you down 2 rounds, to 1 round, and then have the skill lag on bash reduced to 2 rounds from 3? The bash itself does a big of damage, and for those of us who don't have many hp... ie.. dex/perc. bash=death.

Not a big deal, just a thought.


From: Papercut Tuesday, November 10, 06:37PM

Bash being 2 rounds of delay makes it really darn hard for the victim to do anything, I personally think it may even be feasible for it to have 1 round of delay for the victim while keeping the 3 round delay... but that is all depending on whether tumble works or not. I personally think it's silly that perc doesn't calculate into the likelihood of tumbling--on most of the fights nowadays, i find that tumble is more like a miracle when it does kick in, most of the being dormant

From: Huck Tuesday, November 10, 06:43PM

Hey, you can still hit back with bash, which you can't do with chokes or headbutts =P.

From: Shemp Wednesday, November 11, 10:16AM

Didnt bash, at one point, be 4 rounds of being bashed vs. 5 rounds of lag? Sounds nasty to me. I dont think one round of being bashed and 3 rounds of is even considerable. I think its fine the way it is personally.

From: Arsene Wednesday, November 11, 02:56PM

Or remove the dam from bash, and take it back to 1-2 pts damage

From: Zeus Wednesday, November 11, 03:29PM

Or double the bash damage.... -duck-

From: Dusk Wednesday, November 11, 03:53PM

Okay, let's take a look at what bash does. You bash! -15 to -20hp on the victom. Okay, then they are resting, so their hitroll goes down, and the attacker does 30%more, simply because they are sitting. Atop of that, they have these weapon that will hit easily for 50hp, and then you get to add damroll, so basically, they are gonna max out on you for 2 straight rounds. I have lost up to 200hp off one bash, and i have -100ac. Now, the attacker himself, while sitting, loses much of his hitroll, and for people like me, well, i may not be hitting them at all. Not a whole lot you can do to combat that. I know str fighters think it is great, why shouldn't they? But i still think it a bit ridiculous. To argue that, one might say, "well, you have choke, backstab or even headbutt. But without the hug damroll or a str weapon, even these skills are left useless. Backstabs rarely hit, i may parralyze once out of every 12-15 attempts, and then of course, I can only try once per tick. Parralyzes only last on 3 rounds on average in pkill, while chokes and headbutts last only 1 round, sometimes they last 0 rounds, which is really frustrating. And if you have ever tried to choke a str fighter, you know how useless it is. And even if they are stunned, without damroll, you just can't do enough damage. I am not complaining that dex fighters are to weak, just that things like bash is overpowered. Something that would definatly help balance this system a little bit. Okay, i will quit ranting.



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