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a tiny little slot idea

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Posted by Guelah on 11/14

OK, I know that adding eq slots is unfeasible for many reasons. But here's my (maybe) more possible idea. Since I have a history of low-strength characters, until now, I often have problems picking up things like boats when I need them. So I was thinking if you could maybe add a slot 'on back' that would be only used for backpack-like containers, no stat items whatsoever, and would relieve lots of weight carried problems by equipping all that weight. Since there's some kickin' large containers out there that could logically be worn on your back, this would be a big help to weaklings.

Feedback appreciated.

From: Papercut Tuesday, November 10, 06:36PM

Why not simply give up a slot and wear a backpack there? If it isn't worth it, then trim the weight of your char. As far as I can see, adding another slot like that would make it fairly hard to steal stuff for thieves (already pretty darn hard thanks to curse) not to mention it being a 1k slot for reducing everyone's acs by -25 or so.


From: Guelah Tuesday, November 10, 08:10PM

Giving up a slot wouldn't be so bad if it were a slot other than about body. and you could take ac off of backpacks.

From: Arsene Wednesday, November 11, 12:14AM

dont give a reason for them to work on taking floating inventory away =p

From: Papercut Wednesday, November 11, 01:03AM

If you use a deerskin bag, you can use the held slot.
If you use a sack, you can use your waist slot.
If you use a top-hat, you can use your head slot.

feh, looks like plenty of slots available already to me.


From: Malignus Saturday, November 14, 06:36PM

And there is a great backpack, with good AC, worn about body. Not being able to carry things is one of the disadvantages of low strength characters. It is realistic. You even get to cheat a bit by putting a bunch of stuff in a pack and carrying it with little or no increase in weight allowed.


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