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Posted by Zeus on 11/13

What isnt over-powered these days? Lets see:

Snipers are -- I mean sheesh they can kill in one shot!
Str fighters are -- I mean they can bash you for 2 whole rounds!
Mages are -- I mean woah they can stun and blind and heal!

Whats this leave us with? Uhmmm, uhhhh, con druids.... lots of those running around (well a couple =P).

Anyway, I wish everyone would quit crying every time they lose a PK fight that whomever they fought must be "over-powered" and that life's not fair. Maybe you got out fought, or maybe the other person just got lucky. I mean, come on, if a dex/perc type gets a paralyze backstab on me, I'm either dead or I run to hide/heal. Does that make them over-powered? Well, no, it means that based on luck I could lose a battle... or even the skill in getting a 2nd backstab off in a short battle could cause me to lose. If a mage blinds and binds you, and you dont have a dispel vial, does that them over-powered? No, its makes the person on the losing side look foolish. If you tank a str fighter and he bashes, bashes and bashes and you lose, does this make him over-powered? Certainly not! It makes me wonder why, especially if you have low HP, you are tanking high damage chars instead of using smarter tactics.

Once the PK damcap has been applied to ALL skills and spells, and the system has been stable (i.e. not a single change) for a couple months, we can accurately evaluate what, if any, changes need to be made.

This fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants code changes to the fight system has got to stop. Its not fair to the players, and based on the recent backlash, not fair to Imm Coders. Changes to a well-balanced system (as I believe this to be close to) can have drastic, un-imagined, side- effects.


From: Murmandamus Friday, November 13, 02:22AM

Well said.


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