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Posted by Beam on 11/14

I like the new xp scale, and I think the fight system is a lot more balanced than the past, tho I haven't pkilled any yet. There are a couple of problems I see though.

Rufus was explaining how if they make it so you get a lot of xp high level mobs everyone will kill a high level mobs.

Does this statement make any sense to anyone?

Course people are gonna try to kill the mobs they get the most xp for.

Now in the past what people would do is take say a lvl 50 mob and get it so its down to say 5hp and then let a lvl 10 or so kill it with a spell so theres no danger, thereby getting huge xp with no danger. Actually this worked out pretty well, cuz it took more than one person and if someone has a lvl 50 helping them there gonna lvl anyway. Course now theres no point with the xp scale as it is.

When I was around lvl 15 or so I killed plain mobs that conned "are you crazy" now that im 24 im killing stuff that cons death.

even as high as lvl 40 mobs, i get about 8k for stuff my level and around 12k for stuff lvl 40, which to me isnt much of a reward mob killing is very repetitive at high levels I imagine.

Did the imms make the system the way it is because the way some people were leveling finishing high level mobs? Or because any old schmo could go out and kill a lvl 45 with their lvl 20 char.

As for the 2nd case if this is so, then the mobs are just too stupid if anyone can go kill something 20 levels or so over them give mobs limited hunt after their aggressors and you would make things a bit more interesting.

Secondly, if the scale was changed because of finishers I think this was a very poor way to do it. It screws everything up as Rufus illustrated, make good xp for high level mobs, everyone kills high lvl mobs, give good xp low lvls, takes forever to level at high levels.

Instead of a gradual sloping curve to the xp scale, where you get less xp for mobs above you takes too much of the reward out of killing high lvl mobs. Right now, you don't need strike that-

Personally I think things would be much better if it could be worked so that you recieved the same kinda xp for killing a higher level mob as before the changes, but that a cap should be put on xp gained above level that is determined by Rufus, that would only allow one to gain xp that was feasable. Ie, If Rufus decided noone should be able to kill anything 20 levels higher than them then killing something 21 levels higher would be them same xp as something 20 lvls higher all other things being equal.

now its something like for me anyway
lvl 20 5k xp, 25 6k, 30 9k, 35 12k,

The way im talking it would be like
lvl 20 5k xp, lvl 25 10k xp, lvl 30 20k xp, lvl 40 20k xp, lvl 50 20k xp etc.

As for finishing mobs to level, I don't think this should be allowed to affect the xp scale. Was this a factor in determining the xp scale? It would be better I think to find another way to eliminate finishing mobs, than screwing up the whole xp system.

Maybe their could be a check were if you didnt do some damage to the mob or something you wouldnt get the xp.

I think legend is supposed to be a place where people get rewarded for killing mobs way higher than them.

Now I want you imms to know im not slamming the system or you guys in particular. The fight system looks great and yah, I understand the xp scale is different and doesn't really relate to the old scale.

Can I assume we still get lvl 50 at 25million xp, if this is so then things can't be too different can they?

Hopefully, I'll get some response from someone that knows how this works, cuz I want to here the issues behind this. As its about the only gripe i got with all the changes

Keep up the good work imms.


From: Tarn Thursday, November 12, 04:02PM

On the whole, I like the new xp scale, however, during my 40's levels I wondered what was the point at killing at my upper level, and getting around 18K and taking a fair amount of damage, when I could kill mobs at the lower end of my range, and only get a few K less, take less damage, which meant I could then go on and kill another lower level mob, gaining XP faster.

It seems to me that this disadvantaged lower level players who were competing for the same mobs.

Why should I try for an 18K mob, when I can kill several 12K mobs, or 6K mobs for the same or much less damage?

The xp scale has a whole lot of advantages that I love, so I am not saying throw it out, but in the early levels you can get double the xp for the next level mob. At the later levels, the difference is only a K or so.

Perhaps this has all been said before, and I don't mean to whinge, but I a am curious as to why the xp scale is like this?


From: T-Bone Friday, November 13, 06:46AM

I much prefer the old system, after all.. if you don't like powerlevelling, just don't do it. Sure it's sad to see lvl 50's who know very little about the MUD but that's pretty rare. Most levelled the hard way at least until they had been around long enough to get to know others.

As for the current solution, (if this what the current xp scale is all about), It'd be a lot better if you were still rewarded for killing high level mobs and ONLY be penalized and given the low xp we currently recieve if grouped with a much higher level character.

From: T-Bone Saturday, November 14, 06:57AM

Another thing, powerlevelling aside.. It's takes like 4 times longer to level totally solo now than it used to. I wouldn't mind the current scale if it wasn't such a huge jump.

Even with a healer who eats no xp, it's still like 3 times slower than the old system without one. It's really put me off the idea of levelling any more characters.

I'd really love to know what the point of the change was and why it was decided that levelling should be so much slower and xp loss from death should be increased when it was too high before these changes.


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