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To address the autorush

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Posted by Marauder on 11/14

I find it hard to imagine myself in a real battle, where if someone took so much time to aim, to draw a bow back which requires TWO hands and to fire, that they will be perfectly capable of A) getting priority since it is not feasible by common sense that someone who just used a bow which SHOULD require two hands, WHILE wielding a weapon, AND holding another object. Think about what a bumbling idiot this "sniper" would look like let alone be prepared to fight hand to hand, AND have intiative. This complaint has no logic built behind it except that autorush gave priority because it was TOO realistic. Again, this is meant to be thought of if a RL sniper were to be fighting someone.

Just my thought that if I saw some berseker rushing me for shooting him in the back, I dont think I'd really have time to assume a defensive stance, let alone be god-like enough to have priority. Lets work some logistics in here and not just bending reality to the complaints of stubborn dreamers. When I see a sniper wield a bow cocked with an arrow which should require two hands (try wield a bow yourself people), WHILE wielding a weapon, WHILE holding another ITEM... this makes me wonder where snipers got the extra limbs... or are all snipers male here?

-From the thoughts produced my chaos incarnate...

(that was meant to be BY chaos incarnate, Marauder) ya get the drift

From: Papercut Thursday, November 12, 07:18PM

depends on how far you perceive each room to be. If i shot you from about a hundred yards away, i have 10-12 seconds (a LOT of time) to get ready. and of course, most snipers shoot from a distance that is barely visible to the attacker.. If anything, autorush is unrealistic, i don't think any attacker could instantaneously arrive at the sniper's position.


From: Arsene Thursday, November 12, 11:18PM

realism has little to do with pkill, I mean hey, headbutt isnt dex based.

From: North Friday, November 13, 05:37AM

well, seeings how each tick is divided into 30 minutes, I think your 10-12 seconds would be over bout 4-5 times over before the auto-rusher actually got to hit ya within one minute. So it's not really instantaneous travel, just time dilation or something like that. Of course, If I was a sniper with a sniper rifle (since people generally don't use pistols or shotguns as sniper weapons due to inaccuracy over long distances), then I'd probably have to fold up my bipod or tripod, and either pack away my weapon or hold in in my hands or strap it over my back, which takes some time to do, or drop my rifle and draw some sort of close combat weapon, since it's a little difficult to shoot and be holding something like a knife at the same time and expect that my accuracy won't suffer. Finally, if you want realism, sniper should get tunnel vision when they're aiming in on a target, focusing them on their mark and making them oblivious to their surroundings so people could sneak up behind them and they wouldn't notice. Yup, and then we'd have to make time on legend correspond to real time, so a snipe would take several minutes RealTime to achieve, and we'd all hmmm, never mind that last part...it's late. =P


From: Amadio Saturday, November 14, 04:01PM

It was my understanding that the issue with snipers not getting priority over their targets was resolved so that the shooter now receives priority. Since a sniper wielding a Bolg can, with a little luck, shoot and then fear, doing a fair amount of damage while taking none in return, it becomes a powerful tactic. At the same time, if snipers were changed so that they -didn't- get priority, shoot really would be underpowered. An autorush and a bash/headbutt, and the sniper is down 100-150 hp, while the person who got shot, unless they were unlucky enough to get sniped, or stunned, or bashed, or had their weapon shot away, doesn't take much damage at all.

Basically what all of this means is that I think the shoot/autorush system is fine the way it is.

Amadio Alvarado.


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