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Posted by T-Bone on 11/15

I'm quite sure you used to be able to hunt and tell to dopples in the past, just wondering why that was changed.. I keep losing mine or at times not sure whether I have one still alive until I waste mana on trying to make another. It'd also be real handy if you could get rid of them remotely somehow. I can't make another til next crash or reboot it seems unless I go back to hell where it got stuck in a tunnel on the way out. bleh!

From: Zeus Saturday, November 14, 01:06AM

Shouldnt doppels be timed based on cast level anyways?

From: T-Bone Saturday, November 14, 04:27AM

No -poke- :P

They're for carrying stuff and it'd be annoying if they just dissappeared without warning and except in cases where you can still use them as tanks, they aren't useful straight away like titans and it's good that you're able to equip them so they may do a little damage or survive for longer.

Hmm, I'd rewrite that if i could be bothered but you get the point :)

From: Papercut Sunday, November 15, 02:57AM

you could tell to dops, but it was to my understanding that you could never hunt your own dops in the past, anyway. and c'mon, dops are your responsibility, you should keep them in check :p

From: T-Bone Sunday, November 15, 07:13AM

It's easy to lose them when following someone else and they run out of moves or something, then what.. You check backscroll if you have it, otherwise you have to waste 70 mana to see if you still have one alive then search for ages since you can't hunt them. I also wasn't about to suggest that my group go through Charon etc again because my dopple was stuck in a tunnel on the way out. I just had to wait for a reboot.


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