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whining for sake...

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Posted by Zeus on 12/09

Whats is up with all of the whining for the sake of advancing one's own character? Jesus.............

WTF type of character won the PK tourney?

A mage -- checkup.


From: Rufus Sunday, November 15, 03:44PM

Not to spoil any good arguments... mages excelling in the pkill tourney leads to one main conclusion... that taken out of a familiar environment, where surrounds and whatnot can be used as tactic, into an unfamiliar environment, mages are faster to adjust or less reliant upon environmental strategy.


From: Papercut Sunday, November 15, 05:43PM

Reality check here, zeus.

A tourney doesnt have healers, inns, agg mobs, brew mobs, etc. It doesnt have shopkeeps, herbs, ammo, trans mobs. You know exactly who your opponent is, and pretty much have a good idea as to when they will attack.

If you think that doesn't make a difference, a difference in favor of mages, you probably haven't pk'd enough.

From: Zeus Sunday, November 15, 09:28PM

Who said I was talking to you? -poke somebodies ego-

From: Zeus Sunday, November 15, 10:02PM

Anyways, on the subject...

Yes these do play a part, but dont make up for everything....

From: Beam Monday, November 16, 12:06AM


From: Arsene Monday, November 16, 04:01PM

Pk tourney is not a reflection of real pkill, and except for a small oversight sarzec should hve won the tourney hands down. what was I going to say?

Oh yah, that new staff is probably too powerful/

and uhm, Hmmm, yeah I said it on the boards and didnt enter the tourney because it is run skewed to mages, always has been , always will.

From: Sandra Tuesday, November 17, 09:59AM

Lets see, Sarzec won against... oh look! TWO mages! That can't be right! And lost to Barabas by ELEVEN hp, that's a kick instead of a bash. So don't hand me your crap that my tourney favours mages. Sarzec is a fighter, and could very well have won.

You don't enter the tourney every time its run. Yet you never fail to whine about it. So you have absolutely NO clue as to how things would have turned out had you entered.

It must be skewed to snipers too, since Gaidal won.

I probably seem pretty angry in this post, and you're absolutely right. I am. I'm sick and tired of people flaming games I run, when they haven't the guts(ooh I said that?) to enter and find out for themselves.



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