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Posted by Beam on 12/17

Would it be possible that priority be changed, so that you always got your licks in before fleeing, when max wimpy? This I think is one of the reasons, why kick is so weak now. In the pkill tourney whenever someone would hit their wimpy they would usually be screwed, if they happened to get priority all goes well and both get hits, but if you don't they get their hits in but you don't. So what are you supposed to do, tank everyone? Just arguements sake, say that when you hit your wimpy you will get priority 50 percent of the time. Well thats just 50 percent of the time you will get no hits in while your opponent gets theirs. Ok so max wimpy is bad, what does this mean? So you set wimpy to 0, kick/flee is effectively dead, You start a fight and every two rounds you get a skill choice, your not gonna type flee so you can come back are you and do one of the same skills? No, of course not, not unless you want to backstab. Of course a dex fighter can't tank a str fighter, but you set priority and wimpy the way it is and a dex fighter either has tank or hope he gets priority.

This is unacceptable in my opinion. If you could always be assured that you got your hits in it would work.

Or maybe it would be better if the person max wary got priority after all they are being more careful, and have less hitroll and stuff, obviously its suicide for a dex/perc type to go full agg in order to try to kick flee on a str type and keep priority.

This is the same old problem of having to rentout to gain priority in pkill, and the solution is worse than the problem was before I think. Papercut makes a good argument about the weaknesses of dex/perc, but I think this is the cause.


From: Papercut Monday, November 16, 12:52AM

I personally think priority should be determined by perc, i mean, there's no good for perc anyway... at least in pkill. Against mobs, do what you must, hit/flee rarely works on the newer mobs anyway.

From: Lelu Monday, November 16, 06:26PM

I disagree with Papercut. My personaly fav thing to do to a mob is to firestorme/Immolate flee them. I would like to have prio sure but if i don't ahh well It's not like a dex person does alot of damage with there weapon anyway.


From: Lethargio Saturday, November 21, 03:17PM

yep, I think I suggested this a while back. a random priority formula woul d be nice; or make priority based on a stat

From: Rufus Sunday, November 22, 02:30PM

agg/wary have quite a bit to do with how initiative is determined, seemed rather logical.


From: Beam Sunday, November 22, 07:46PM

It may seem logical, but, also the most logical tactic for a dex fighter having awesome hitroll and ac would be to max wary and max wimpy, priority is of such importance, that any other factors kinda get thrown out. Ie if you gotta go max agg to get priority then thats just what you gotta do.

From: Ishmael Thursday, December 17, 02:05PM

so you are making all new spells and all level 50's will have lvl 1 cast l level. COOL!


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