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Posted by Revenge on 11/17

I want to know, how ppl can make 50 mil exps in this system..

Without 200 or more hours of boredom...

I want to unpkill my character, but how I can make it with all enemies around me and 25 mil exps before me?

It is about 800 really hard mobs.

Don't try to say me perma him, I like this character...


From: Sandra Monday, November 16, 11:17AM

You, and everyone else were told to read HELP PKILL the first time you pkenabled a character. Once enabling after that, you agreed to the rules in that help files. 50 million exp is not that hard to get many have unclanned since the redemption point system went in. Even those that are pretty active in pkill.

And still, its not supposed to be an easy thing to achieve, even though it is somewhat. You're supposed to have to work hard for it.


From: Fright Monday, November 16, 01:49PM

If it takes 25 million xp to get to 50, you really can't complain that it is impossible to unclan, when you 'only' need to achieve 25 million xp again. And you do get more xp for each mob at level 50 then you do before, so the 2nd 25 million should be easier to get than the first.


From: Papercut Monday, November 16, 02:43PM

Altho i agree that 50mil isn't impossible to get, active or no (i have 41mil with me atm, and i consider myself fairly active) the 2nd 25mil is harder to get, since most ppl use quests to get the first 25mil, and lowlvl mobs are worth a hell of a lot more in xp not to mention that there are far more of them.

but in any case, it's not impossible.. and gee, retiring always took a long time, even in the old system, it took me 170 hrs to get 100mil.


From: Revenge Tuesday, November 17, 04:43AM

Kay, when I will see first pkiller, who will unpkill self in new exps system, then I will trust, that it is possible and I will try it too. Btw Pc, you made this character in new exp system?

I think, you were around 50mil exps before long time...

Another thing, 2nd part of 50mil exps is harder than first part, it knows everyone who raised level 50.

And yes, Sandra is right.. I could know, that it will be hard.

But I thought that we are playing this game for funn, no for a exps hunt. When I make a character I know, that I will like him.

It is hard to perma him, when you are playing him 300 hours or more.


From: Mo Tuesday, November 17, 06:14PM

Just as a note of clarification for Revenge.

Papercut was made well after the new xp system, since his prior pker was still very active after the new xp system went in.

Another thing, if one wanted xp, with a decent group, it isn't too hard to get roughly 500k an hour given a well-balanced 3 person group. With this estimation, getting 25 mil would take 50 hrs of straight mobkill, give or take a few due to more productive runs or what not. Each pk death will add roughly 45 minutes of mobkilling, and each mob death will add an hour and a half of mobkilling to the original 50 hours of estimation.

Active pkers in my experience die roughly 20-25 times before they unclan (this figure maybe a LOT higher than usual, actually), so on top of the original 50 hrs, you have roughly 15 hrs more if you were to be really that active. Add some playing time where you won't be mobkilling, and it still comes well below 300 hrs depending on how long you intend to keep a character.

Given that you play roughly an hour a day, or 7 hrs a week, that would give you a char to stick with for a year, but we all know the average mudder plays a bit more than just an hour a day. (if you wanted to think your lifetime as 300 hrs)

In short, the only reason you don't see people unclanning left and right is because mobkilling isn't impossible or difficult, it's mostly because it is simply boring. But nothing in the system prevents you from unclanning at a 'reasonable' amount of time, even if you choose to be highly, or very highly active.



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