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Posted by Papercut on 11/16

Any chance it could be put back to 1 round for mobkill, at least? Soooooooo many fun stuff you could do against mobs are now very inefficient and not so fun :p

From: Arsene Monday, November 16, 02:54PM

and If you cared to even notice, snipers were not overpowered, there has been a steady move towards the bastard(taran) mages, all you are doing is punishing commited dex eprc characters because a few peopel had a FAD with them, and a bunch of inept idiots with no clue how to pkill died.

From: Ruby Monday, November 16, 02:57PM

First off Everyone knows me and Arsene don't see eye to eye on just about anything. But this is one time when i think he has thought about his words and said them well. (other than the bastard remark) I do not agreen with anyone who says dex/perc is or was over powered.

Even when me Gaidal and yes even Arsene were at our peeks inpkill we still had to rely on much luck and skill. We had to know when were who and how to attack someone. Were as with a str fighter all they do is bash It takes alot less thinking (I'm not knocking on people who like str. I ha one myself a while ago) to be a str fighter than it does almost any other fighter type. I feel the only thing witch even half way compares to the amount of thinking and planning needed to be a sniper in this day and age is a 3rd circle mage.

With that point made I think I'll end this and append at a later date


From: Papercut Monday, November 16, 05:06PM

3rd circle mages now don't even have to think much, a firestorm tends to do a wee bit too much, esp considering the gear that gets damaged.. I lost 66% of my hps in two firestorms, and needless to say, that's not even close to 66% of the caster's mana that was spent there :p

but i don't mind the damage so much as the damage done to gear... i've lost -44 acs in two firestorms. And that's a LOT of acs, considering one of the better ac gears in the game provides -27 or so...


From: Lelu Monday, November 16, 06:15PM

As a mage that loves her firestorme I would also have to say it damages gear WAY to much. From a nonclanned point of veiw this is realy bad. It is realy hard to get gear for people now cuz I always scrap it. And I can also see were it would hurt clanned alot also but I have not been firestormed as my clanned and only firestormed people in the pkill turny free for all. From what i have seen the damage on items needs to go WAY down.


From: Zeus Monday, November 16, 06:19PM

I have to agree with PC's point about immolate/firestorm wreaking havoc on EQ. I can live without the HP, but messing up 10 items badly every other round in a fight kinda seems over-kill.


From: Gaidal Monday, November 16, 06:16PM

Hate to admit this but I also agree with Arsene. First off the recent dex perc bashing was completely uncalled for. I had a hard time beating anyone with enough strength to bash or any mage that was clever enough to bind me. This two round lag on backstab only kills the one thing that the dex perc chars had left going for them... para backstabs. Now that flee/backstab has been eliminated there is such a small chance of winning with out a snipe that it isnt fun anymore. Unless snipers fight only other snipers I dont see them being anything but a joke in pkill. I now look at the 2 tick backstab as a blessing compared to the 2 round lag backstab. I hope something is done to give snipers a little more of a chance (shooting prio barely scratches the surface).

Secondly the firestorm thing... I know that 3rd circle mages have been in need of a shot in the arm to get them going again but this is outragous. Firestorm does far too much damage for its mana and even worse than that it almost never fails to damage/scrap several pieces of the victims eq. During the recent tourney I was firestormed twice and lost 3 pieces of gear and had many others damaged. Even if it is possible to beat the mage in combat is it really worth it to have to re-equip every fight? In my opinion its not.

I think in general players are getting too good. Almost everyone now can heal themselves in one manner or another these days and most of those people already have over 500hp. The half mages can get almost the same fighting stats as the straight fighters but they also have sinks that stop the 100mind mages stuns consistantly. I believe that almost every player type needs to be toned down a bit (other than the snipers who you have done a number on already:P) and pkill can become a little more balanced again and a lot more fun.

Well thats about all i have to say...

Just so you know my pkiller is not a sniper so dont think that what im saying is for personal gain. Im one of those that I think has the advantage.


Gaidal Cain

From: Raskolnikov Monday, November 16, 11:41PM

As a con mage, I say the backstab delay of 2 rounds isn't fair as well to the per fighters.

Backstab is powerful but getting boatloads of perception helps only by seeing hidden exits, sneakers, and a fwe points of hitroll. I just think that backstab should be a 1 round delay like it ALWAYS has been. It makes even trying a bs extremely dangerous. I thought backstab was fine the way it was and have a little bit of a hard time understanding why it was changed.


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