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Weapon Variety

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Posted by Fright on 11/17

I had an idea not too long ago regarding weapons on legend. There are favo -rites, and not many weapons are used outside of those favorite 2 or 3 for each stat. I am sure that most people would agree with me when I say 'the more options, the better' regarding weapons.

My idea hasn't been thought out a lot. But here is an outline:

Why not make it possible for weapons to be customised almost unlimitedly? I know there are rules for determining rent for items, and those rules don't change from item to item, so they could be applied automatically to a weapon being created. For example:

Suppose I wanted a str weapon, that gave me +5 str, +10 hit points, and had a chance to weaken the enemy. Lets say it was 17kg, did 18 max damage and had no minus at all. Lets also say it was 8000 rent like this.

The rules for determining rent don't change. If someone wanted a weapon that did everything, and could afford to spare 15000 rent for one, at the expense of other things, so be it.

Making this possible would allow infinate possibilites for weapons. I like that idea. There would have to be some things not allowed to be done, I am sure. (so things don't become overpowered [blind]) But these are guidelines that could be set out from the beginning.

I see problems with this of course, there are a few. It would probably some immort involvement for each weapon. But I don't think that this should be an easy ability to aquire.

Food for thought, an idea that I'd like to hear comments on.


From: Papercut Monday, November 16, 05:12PM

I personally agree with the fact that there need be variety, but to give such power to every mort would undermine some of the incentives for being a builder--i'm sure the desire to introduce nifty items, weapons included, figures quite prominently for any builder.

If weapon variety was to be achieved, it could be done via quests within new areas, by having quests that can imbue certain qualities to equipment, with rent cost reflecting the fact that it was done via a quest. For example, there could be a quest in Beowulf, where if you slay the wyrm (yeah yeah, easy mob) you can take its blood and have the Dwarf enhance your sword with it, giving it a dissolve attack or something.

It could be interesting too, i think, to introduce coupons with such effects, like +20hp/-20ma +1k rent coupon to be used at any item of your choice, etc. These should be awarded very sparingly, of course, but i don't see why we couldn't have, say +1hp/-1mana +50 rent coupons :p


From: Rufus Monday, November 16, 05:25PM

Actually, there are a number of weapons in new areas that will increase variety. As I've said before, I don't want to bar new builders from creating the new items... also, all items are based in at least some logical perspective (and those that aren't generally come with the magic flag)... there's reasons for the bonuses they give, based on the area, the quest, whatever... unfortunately, most will have to wait for expansion for variety, but I have been looking at the current weapons in the game and making changes where I feel they should be made. We'll see, though.


From: Sulivan Tuesday, November 17, 02:59PM

How about forge being upgraded a bit for, chars that have extra practices? Id pay one practice for each quality level on the weapons i produced. That be 5 practices to make a q5 weapon.

One would need to be able to make the weapons have stats on them but this could be achieved by making special materials needed to give stat effects, or possibly special material be needed for q5 quality. It would add a lot to the mud I think. It wouldn't have to be that the weapons were so good they overshadowed everything else. Something just about like make staff with the ability to add 5 stat points. For 5 practices that seems fair.

From: Fright Tuesday, November 17, 04:06PM

Another idea. What about having the poison skill for druid apply to different herbs as well, and offer some other effects on weapons? Other than getting ability on a weapon without increased rent... This could be countered by having the effect wear off after a short time though


From: Sergei Tuesday, November 17, 04:24PM

Let's look at that pracs-for-upgrades idea. Most level 50 straight warrior types have somewhere in the range of 10-15 practices free. Meaning that, on the upper range, one could conceivably forge a Q5 weapon with a +10 stat. Seems a -bit- unbalancing, I'm afraid.

Sergei Dovzhenko.

From: Lakespeed Tuesday, November 17, 10:12PM

I think it have to be limited to +5 total stat change, but other than that I don't see why not. Course it would give warrior types something to use there practices on thats a good thing im thinking. No item in the game can have more than a total of 5 stat points though otherwise its not legal in this system.


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