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Posted by Revenge on 11/20

I know, we spoke about it enough...

But I want to say, where I see the better solving of this problem. I think, still enough ppl like more old exp system than new. I don't want to say new exp system is bad, it is only boring. The main reason why imm changed it was coz powerleveling.

Now I want to say, how I would solve it:

1) First 15 levels were very hard in old exp system for newbies, there- fore I would made, what made imm... More exps per mob at the same level.

2) Groups: I know that it isn't good when I'm trying to compare real with this mud, but I think, 2 very experienced ppl in fight will not aacept a newbie into their group.. I want to say 2L45 and more will not accept a person at L15 or less...

Therefore why not to make a restriction in doing group? for example leader group is probably person with most experiences. In this mud it means person on highiest level. Therefore when leader group is L50 character then he can group only L40 and more characters.

Then we will eliminate powerlevelling. Ppl can get good exps for killing strong mobs again. Ppl on lowest level will make groups too for killing mobs, whom will be good for them.

3) Why not? 2L20 chars can kill L50 mob and get good exps for it.. But it will cost enough hp,mana and etc them. But if they are good, then why not? Big dangerous=good exps.

4) When level 50 and level 1 or etc will can't to do group, then level 1 (it is example) will not get exps, when level 50 char will attack a mob and before his death he will flee or calm it.

I think it is all what i wanted to say. Yes, now you can say, that it is all stupid, but it is my opinion. And I think, I can write it here, when I think, it is good.


From: Bess' Tuesday, November 17, 08:22AM

One small problem with that. You'd really really really hurt the low level healers who tag high levels, healing for xp. YOu'd effectively cut off a good source of xp for them. Healers have already been hurt badly by the new xp scale, and a change like this would hurt them even more.


From: LadyAce Tuesday, November 17, 09:52AM

As someone who routeinely groups characters of wide-ranging levels, I'd be very sad to be unable to do that. In fact, I've found that newbies can certainly earn their keep in groups, many jump into fight when over 50 hp and do just fine.

I'm still of the mind that remaining problems with the xp system are adjustable by changing mobs.


From: Arsene Tuesday, November 17, 02:37PM

naieve, very.

XP is horrid, boring, slow, and FAILS UTTERLY to reqrd risk, adventure, and innovation. And you know it too.

From: Rufus Tuesday, November 17, 04:08PM


Legend's 'risk factor' has always been voluntary. Case in point: Keiko, who made a grand attempt (and nearly succeded) of levelling from level 49 to 50 on rats alone -- under the old xp system.

Risk is there for you to take, it's not required. If you want required risk, play the stock market.


From: Mo Tuesday, November 17, 06:24PM

The xp system, as horrid as it is, is well-balanced in numbers for a single player, if you take the overall picture. It actually is almost as fast if not faster to level under the new system, when taking away xp-give-aways such as deathblow levelling. At low lvls, groups are much more beneficial than they were before, especially since there is more xp to split.

Just that when it reaches the high levels, grouping loses a lot of its flavor and advantages. Always, there has never been 'enough' xp mobs at high lvls, those generic low-risk good-xp mobs, that used to give roughly 110k in the old system. Since one of the major benefit of grouping is the ability to do more mobs before having to take a break, the benefit surely drops when faced with less mobs.

Also, there is this group threshold in most cases, where a group beyond a certain size becomes inefficient outside 'dangerous' areas, areas where we see a dense population of agg, difficult, numerous lvl 50 mobs. The optimal group outside of those areas, in my experience, consists of a hitter, surgeon, and the trueformer. Since eq gets damaged rather easily, it is as important to have a trueformer in a group as it is having a surgeon, to provide the group with a longer run. Since the trueformer also comes with the capability (usually) to tackle mobs that may otherwise be inefficient, that combination is what i've found to be the most efficient. Any group that has beyond that, is essentially adding more mass than necessary, as the trio (duo is possible too) can monopolize a decent sized xp run (which means, runs where repops are timed with the regen of the group).

For a single player, the essential trick is the same. You find out the repop rates compared to your regen rate, and then you get a run that you can sustain. For the fighter, these runs may just be a big single-mob runs at lvl 50, which means that there's a lot of deathly boring time where you are simply sleeping for regen.

In order to make mobkilling more interesting, or more bearable, then, there needs to be activity that a player can engage in while (preferrably) sleeping. I suggest there be an option to enable certain channels while sleeping, much like group telling, or enable players to enter their detail description while IC, or allow for more in-game methods of healing, which will check for the pk-active flag (to minimize pk-abuse) where regen maybe accelerated. Enough of such places will allow for ppl to pass time with small talk while regenning, and obviously allow for more places where people can get to organize groups for mobkilling.

Although there are people who derive enjoyment from challenging different mobs, the true reason people profess mobkilling to be boring is the great time involved in regeneration. Instead of trying to introduce more interesting, tough mobs which will probably be fought once every char's lifetime, we need methods of making natural regen more bearable, or speed it up.

If need be, access to these places maybe restricted to players willing to answer questions from newbies, by seperating their names from the who list once they enter this area, or by simply giving helpful players a flag that allows them entry to the room.


From: Arsene Wednesday, November 18, 11:07PM

you can honestly say you think its fair for a lvl 15 who kills a lvl 50 to get maybe 3 or 4 k more xp than he woudl for killing a lvl 20?

That its fair to be killing the same mob for 15 lvls, one that takes 3 rou to kill, cause its the best xp.

You want to say its fun to be reduced to plodding?

You tried to restructe the xp without restructuring the mobs.

The only thing you accomplished was ending fast powerlvling.

From: Rufus Wednesday, November 18, 11:34PM

Hey, cool! One of the intended features worked. Thanks for pointing it out!


From: Revenge Friday, November 20, 03:32PM

Hmm, maybe it was stupid idea from me...



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