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Posted by Brassy on 11/17

I have so much I want to say and I don't even know where to begin. It's so sad to see some of the changes that have occured around here. There used to be a time (before all these changes) when someone got help before they even had to ask for it. Now, people seem to argue the reason that person needs help rather than helping. If your car breaks down on the side of the road with a flat tire, are you going to sit and tell the driver that they should have checked their tire more often while they are waiting for someone to help them fix it? The driver becomes more and more agitated and frustrated with the situation. When emotions get high, problems arise. Rather than criticizing the situation, give help in some form or other. I remember (gosh, these remember whens are definitely signs of old age :)) when a DT was hit, automatically a re-equip party was formed and off the people went, gathering up everything that the DT victim had. In some cases, alternative eq was even given and someone with alot of knowledge on all the eq here would set someone up based on their naked stats. These are all things that have become less and less frequent around here. No, I'm not whining. I'm making a point here. I think we all need to sit back and remember what it was like when we were new and hit a few mistakes. I understand that certain types of RP require the "greedy" and "evil" factors and that part I can fully understand, but since when does tforming or preserving have to be rewarded? Since when doe (urg..) does operation have to be paid for? I think people have gotten carried away. Just my opinion. I think it's time that we all try to work a little harder to make everyone here happy. One little change that people are talking about recently is the new changes to the eq that make the tformers less needed. Hah! Why do you think that might be? Could it be that getting someone to fix your eq has become a chore? That getting someone to get you patched up means that you have to go fill your bank account? Silliness!

Ok, I'm done complaining and hope that everyone just thinks a little on what I've written.

-Hangs Head-

The Hotheaded Redhead


From: Sandra Tuesday, November 17, 11:01AM

No big comments here, but this one:

The Hermetics always charged 500-1k gold for each item they true formed. So, charging for that has always happened, and many did pay. Others have always charged for healing(druids alot) since their herbs cost them money. Its not a new thing, and I am sure there are some that never have, and never will, charge for such services. However, I think that alot of it, lately, comes from the fact that people only look for those that can true form or heal(not always, but have seen it) when they are hurt or their eq is hurt. And then turn and walk away, thus leaving the mage/druid/surgeon sitting there like they are only there to sit and wait for someone to come get healed.

So, it goes both ways, really. But I think ALL people need to be more polite and curtious.


From: Mo Tuesday, November 17, 06:45PM

A lot of it in my opinion, comes from the fact that this mud is not nearly as much a 'family' as it once was. When i first started, the mud was generally friendly with a lot of people just recently having been newbies themselves. Also, some of the grudges weren't as deeply formed, and factions were fewer.. or at least more civil.

Today, for the sake of simplicity, there are two groups of players. The oldbies, who either stick around solely due to their OOC relationship with others or pk, and the newbies who basically can't offer much more help to others. The oldbies will only be helpful if they are in a good mood, and not otherwise preoccupied. Good mood is rare to find these days, most of us having at least one ooc grudge which often erupts over channels and sours our mood. Also, a lot of the oldbies are just here to be here, not to be doing things. We've tired of a lot of the game already, and just about everything has become a chore.

Also, the new generation of players oftentimes lack what oldbies think of as common sense. In my days, i've consulted the helpfiles rather tirelessly before asking a question over chat, and rarely did i actually spam the question many times over within a couple seconds. Nor did i simply impose myself upon others, following without asking, or what not. Every interaction requires that there's something you can do in return, even if it's just simply making the other person feel good about doing it. Not many people seem to realize this, and obviously, it doesn't help them to be ignorant of this fact.

In addition to all this is the fact that grouping is not seen as desirable. It wasn't hard (for some odd reason) to find people willing to stay for hours after grouping, but nowadays it isn't uncommon to find people needing to leave within minutes of grouping. The effort of sustaining a group or planning a group run not being worthwhile, people rely more and more on solitary runs, which leaves very little room for healers or trueformers with a chance of decent compensation.


From: Tarn Tuesday, November 17, 11:22PM

As a surgeon, I have never charged for healing, praise, mend or repair. Frequently I will sit in an inn, and advertise my services over chat. I have occasionally been abused this way, someone will go mobkill, come back to the inn for healing, go mobkill, come back for healing, etc. I am using mana to heal them, they are using my skills to gain xp, and I am getting nothing in return.

I usually offer to pay for tform, many tformers do not accept payment, but I offer anyway, as true-form uses a lot of mana, which is important to a mages fighting ability. I notice that surgeons tend to be invited to grou (argh) group more often than mages, too. It seems that many players treat mages as a convenient source of eq fixing, but not much more. I certainly do not have a problem with paying mages.


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