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Posted by Mugwump on 11/18

Is it possible to steal a kill from your own summoned creatures? I think it doesn't make sense if it is. On several occasions lately I have got no xp when letting a titan or elemental tank for me. This only happens under specific circumstances, so maybe what I am doing is just not allowed (though I think it should be). If a mob is much, much tougher than I am, I have my titan, elementals, whatever, attack the mob, then leave the room. I can watch the fight while meditating by checking group, and then poison the mob so it can't heal, then go back after the mob, this time attacking with summoned creatures or solo. In the past this has been a great way of getting equipment, but I also usually got xp this way too. I don't see how this differs from any hit/flee strategy (it's my mana hitting the mob) so shouldn't I get xp for these kills?

Also, there seems to be a lag on issuing orders to summoned creatures. Usually it's not a problem, but against agg or hunting mobs it means I'm tanking for my tank (for at least one round, depending on priority?). I'll bet it's also is the main reason why the current belief is that creates are useless in pkill. During the tournament, I entered commands in this order: order followers attack, flee, north, east. I saw my order issued after I was fled, and north and east of my opponent. I bet the echo on that sure looked foolish. (Ok, even without that I looked bad, but that's another story altogether :p)

From: Mo Tuesday, November 17, 07:00PM

Ordering summoned creatures to kill doesnt have any more of a lag than you would have, had you typed "kill target." It usually takes a long time for the kill command to go through because it has to wait out the pulses before it can find the round pulse (or so i understand, which could be horribly mistaken). It is also possible that in the tourney, you had see invis or detect hidden, something greater summoned creatures no longer come with (for a while, creates did not need see-invis, sort of, they could simply move about spamming each room with kill "suspected target"), and ended up sort of commanding your summoneds to attack something they couldn't see.

As far as you tanking strategy goes, I think what happened is that the original creatures you tanked the mob with have died, and you didn't take part in any part of the fight, thus you have essentially taken over a fight where the mob has been damaged by somebody outside your group. That could probably be solved by at least fighting the target mob for a round or two, and then leaving the room, at least leaving some mark of your doing on the mob. The argument is somewhat similar to you losing xp to summoneds that you have removed from the group; but if you can live with that, i think you could live with this too ;)


From: Mugwump Tuesday, November 17, 11:27PM

A couple of clarifications, in reverse order:

1) I don't lose xp for summoneds that i remove from group, just checked an and it does not happen.

2) you are correct about the tanking strategy i described (it isn't my usu usual method, just for stuff i couldn't stand a chance against), but i still say thats my mana doing the damage, as much as a cause mage's immolate would not disqualify him from getting xp if he fled and returned.

3) No, my opponent was not invis at the time I ordered my doppel to attack, unless you can immolate while invis? The point here is not that t the doppel did not execute the order, but that i fled, moved 2 rooms, the doppel did not execute the order, but that i fled, moved 2 rooms, and then saw "you issue the order kill soandso", even though i entered the order before fleeing. whether there would have been lag waiting for a pulse would only matter if i saw the order issued first in which case i still could have fled, doppel in tow, before it had a chan chance to attack, but thats not what happened.

From: Mo Wednesday, November 18, 12:02AM

1) What i meant was when the summoned landed the deathblow while not grouped. In my best knowledge, the summoned will steal the xp if that is the case. Thus, if all the summoned died that dealt damage, you may not get any xp. Don't hold me to this, i am only speaking from experience.

3) You could have wimpy'd instead of the flee command going through, and it could have been a severe case of lag. But again, I wasn't there, so I can only offer conjectures.

From: Rufus Wednesday, November 18, 02:04AM

If a summon creature does more than the majority share of damage, then dies, you will not get xp. Just FYI.



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