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Posted by Mariachi on 11/21

OK I know this has been said before, but I want to register that I am annoyed that as a 90 perc sniper, fully aimed at a stunned mob, my bullet was dodged. It's a little silly that anyone can dodge a bullet, but especially stunned, with me aimed so 'his death is nearly guaranteed'.

I also don't like the use of that phrase, cause it's rare that his death follows it.

And a quick question about sniping, does the target's position have anything to do with likelihood of an ID snipe? i.e. I think a sleeping mob should be easier to snipe than a standing one. But I don't know if it is. From experience, I'd guess that stunned mobs are no easier than alert ones.

And to people who are going to say I'm just promoting my own cause here, I'm asking about what I know. It's tough for me to complain about something a 3rd circle cause mage can't do well enough when I've never got a mage beyond lvl 15.

So that's my 2 cents on sniper-hood. None of my thoughts apply to pkill, in my mind, because I don't pkill.


From: Zeus Wednesday, November 18, 10:11PM

I agree -- you should never miss a stunned mob. However, not sure a sniper should be easier, since a snipe is purely based on teh snipers skill. But stunned, sleeping etc mobs/chars cant dodge imho. That should apply to kick, elbow and bows as well.

From: Danar Wednesday, November 18, 10:45PM

Realistically, most of the mobs of the game could be instantly killed by anyone were they sleeping...


From: Davien Wednesday, November 18, 10:50PM

That would seriously over-power the sleep spell though. While I am not disagreeing with you, I think there are other factors involved. Anyone who shoots knows that they have to control their breathing while aiming, and if things get out of sync, the shot tends to miss. Not only that, you could be bumped while you pull the trigger. In the end there will be ways you can miss anything no matter how much you aim. It would be too hard to code these things in to bring up a message when they happen, so there is just a chance you will miss. Ohh I forgot bad luck as well, or your sights being bumped while you travel, HA, lets see you have to adjust your sights every time you go to aim, and take into account wind, and all the other little things. That would see even more complaints than normal.

Davien Holyoake.

From: Mariachi Wednesday, November 18, 11:26PM

Accounting for wind, sighting and all that, would be, I imagine part of the advantage of being a sniper rather than a marksman or a sharpshooter...

From: Gerbank Thursday, November 19, 07:24AM

From experience, I've found that sleeping and stunned mobs and people are much easier to hit. Of course, it is indeed rather incredible that they can actually dodge something fired at them. And realism is not always an issue. Balance is.

Jaime Gerbank

From: Papercut Thursday, November 19, 06:08PM

I find it hard to see in terms of balance when players are all able to tumble and dodge while stunned. I personally think it's more a bug than a balance issue, and probably should be remedied. Next thing we know, we might have players parrying while they are stunned.. already some mobs ignore blindness, do acts to players who are not even inside the room (getting sprawled by the books from Cruzeiro, or getting bashed from The Keeper while a room away).

From: Lethargio Saturday, November 21, 03:41PM

nah, though sleeping seemingly increases the chance of a snipe, it doesn't make it a 100% snipe; you still miss. Plus, snipers can't sleep anything. To get a sleep spell, they would have to group with someone, and that reduces the amount of xp aquired in half. (plus, once again, they don't increase the chances THAT much.)


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