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2 round BS lag

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Posted by Trample on 11/22

ok, I agree with the lag on backstab, however on a missed backstab, it sho should only be one round instead of two, don't rule out that some people use backstab -without- 100 perc...backstab was so cool because you get get an advantage fast, like someone with dex should be able to until they start taking hard hits, now it's just soooooo useless.

oh and one other thing, I haven't had priority in a fight against a mob since the changes went in, not even once...

tone down snipers, but don't eliminate them from the game the same way you did to druids.


From: Trample Sunday, November 22, 02:42AM

disregard the original post -pointing to papercuts post below- that will show you why. guees I spoke too soon. -flop-



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