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uhm. shoot.

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Posted by Papercut on 11/23

I -think- we've gone a -tad- bit too far in terms of shoot without weapon. I mean, geesus, it's great, i can simply annihilate mobs and players alike (well, compared to my old self) and STILL backstab if i wanted by simply wielding the weapon and reentering after a max wimpy shoot. And who gives a darn about prio when you don't have a weapon to hit with anyway.

I think the no-weapon thing should check for at LEAST the presence of a dagger in inventory, if not the backstab skill, and quite possible the presence of weaponskills at all, or any weapon at all inside the inventory, other than the shovel, extractor, and the scalpel.

ATM, i can wreak so much friggin havoc by stunning, wielding, moving, backstabbing, fleeing, remming, shooting, stunning, wielding... only thing that bugs me is the 2 round delay on bs, but otherwise...

Btw, while you are at it, blind doesn't let you see what you are wearing (DUMB, since you can see your inventory.. i found that out trying to reload while blind) and, uhm, the priority fix on autorush really, really needs to be looked at, PLUS, shooting doesn't set agg if you stun with the dumb shot, so you can STILL follow targets after shooting it, and you have to retype shoot "target" if yer first shot was a stun.


From: T-Bone Sunday, November 22, 02:45AM

It's crazy! whoever did this is on drugs! gimme some!

From: Danar Sunday, November 22, 03:38PM

Gotta say, though, it was fun to stand by the Bridge watching Papercut shoot one of Skatha's warriors down to leaking guts before getting a non- stun shot so it would rush in.


From: Ma Sunday, November 22, 04:37PM

Since this post I haven't learnt backstab, fencing or anything just in case I'm unable to benefit from shooting without a weapon. Could an imm please let us know what changes may be made soon and if that's not possible would we be able to lose any skill(s) which we may have that restrict us when/if the change comes?

From: LadyAce Monday, November 23, 11:46AM

On autorush --

Yes, priority is buggy, and so far the coders have been unable to figure out how to fix it. Once they figure it out, I'm sure they'll put it in.

On the shooting without a weapon thing -- I don't have an update for you.

I agree that it is a problem, the coders are aware of it, but as far as I know, a fix has not yet been written.


From: Wittekind Monday, November 23, 11:23PM

just admit you screwed up priority, put the old back in till its fixed. but no, stubborn pursuit of new fads is in vogue.


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