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Posted by Payne on 11/25

i never realized how cheesy it was to have a level 50 mage bind a mid-rang person until i had it done to me. i used it against a few people, and it's really unbalancing in the mid-range area. there should be the 10 level limit placed on bind. i can't really see a downside to it besides having to work a little harder in pk.


From: Davien Sunday, November 22, 08:49PM

While on the subject of bind, implementing the 'paralyse' spell would be nice as well. I know I would find it useful.

Davien Holyoake.

From: Papercut Sunday, November 22, 10:39PM

Bind is an aggressive spell, and I can only see it as a bug if it fails to abide by the 10 lvl restrict.

From: Fright Monday, November 23, 12:42PM

I agree with Papercut and Payne. No downside to it to restrict it to ' 10 levels.


From: LadyAce Monday, November 23, 05:33PM

Rufus pointed out on one of the immortal mailing lists that bind could be used to, say, bind a lower-level healer to keep them out of a fight, and thus does have some use as a non-aggressive spell.


From: Fright Tuesday, November 24, 10:49AM

Givin the number of healers that are pkill this spell has a lot more potential to be an agressive spell for a high level helping out a low level pkiller I think.


From: Shen Tuesday, November 24, 10:51AM

so what about those pesky low level wakers =P


From: Tybalt Tuesday, November 24, 01:41PM

Thats kinda stupid. If high levels are use'n it to get low levels killed then it should have a 10 lev restriction. I think that bogus that it doesn't


From: Papercut Tuesday, November 24, 11:31PM

So you can bind a low lvl healer, but then why not allow for walls to be effective outside the lvl 10 diff as well? I think the lvl restrict was there so that lowlvlers beyond a certain char was just that, beyond reach. Unless we want to start divying spells up to agg and simply potentially agg--fear, blind, bind, weaken, steal, etc etc etc, i say stic with the restriction we have now and give bind a 10 lvl restrict.


From: Fright Wednesday, November 25, 10:35AM

BTW, a day after this was posted I tried to bind someone 11 levels under me and it didn't let me (gave me the 10 level difference reason) I guess its been fixed?

Thanks for the info =P



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