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Posted by Fright on 11/26

How many builders or immorts or players have actually taken the time to think about all the net 5 stat footwear in the game? What do we have:

Net 5 dex boots: Good align only
Net 5 dex boots: Neutral align only
Net 5 dex boots: Evil Align Only
Net 5 dex boots: Non-Neutral align only
Net 5 dex boots: Non-Evil align only
Net 5 str/con boots: No align restrictions

I might be missing a pair of boots or two but even if I am there are still an over abundance of dex footwear and little else. Maybe a pair of these dex footwear could be changed to something a little bit different.


From: Payne Tuesday, November 24, 12:05PM

kinda makes since those that different shoes would make you a little bit faster, i have yet to find a pair of nikes that make me smarter. (they actually make you dumber when you realize how much you paid for a pair of ugly shoes)


From: LadyAce Tuesday, November 24, 12:20PM

Payne's right -- we generally do try to make some sort of link between the item and the stats it gives, and more than any other slot, I think boots make builders think about dex. But your point is well-taken, and magical items that give +stat in 'non-logical' places are built all the time.

Thanks for the reminder about this problem!


From: Bryn Tuesday, November 24, 01:43PM

My brains are in my feet, so my shoes could make me smarter!



From: Fright Tuesday, November 24, 04:24PM

The immorts have always given space for balance of realism if it came to a contest I don't see why this should be different than any other situation.


From: Fright Tuesday, November 24, 04:25PM

That should read balance over realism.

From: Rictor Tuesday, November 24, 04:48PM

Also, once upon a time Dex was what you had to have, so alot of builders were swung that way when making EQ decisions in areas.

Sir Rictor Belmont

From: Quercus Thursday, November 26, 04:59AM

I think anklets could really be anything, the same way that bracelets and necklaces can have any stat...especially if they are magical items.


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