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Word in Pictland

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Posted by Markus on 11/30

Considered that the word in pictland is 'only' a 2nd circle word I must say as a lowlevel mage trying to get words fast (and before all the nice skills in the game) that I find it very hard to get. Probably the 3rd hardest word to get considered the risk you take being a lowlevel going in there... -thinking about evil hunters and stuff like that-.

I believe it should be hard to get your words, but everything has it's limit I guess, and placing a 2nd circle word in an area that is only safe for level 35 or greater (I know the area desc says 20 but I do not agree on this) is too much in my opinion.

Maybe it should be considered to make this word safer to get The guy who teaches you the word is not agg if you have a certain item.. would it destroy the idea of giving lowlevel mages a hard life if something similar would make the hunters unagg?

just a thought from a frustrated not-yet-mage

From: Zeus Tuesday, November 24, 06:27PM

good idea

From: Celia Tuesday, November 24, 06:38PM

I agree. Learning words should be challenging, but for 2nd circle at least, these should be challenges you can solve yourself without having to ask for an escort. Getting words early gives a very big advantage under the current system, and making words which people want at a very low level impossible to get without high level help only rewards people who give away the identity of their alts to get help or pester total strangers to walk them to words. At the moment it seems that there is no way to get a good level on this word without doing one of those two things If there is a way to get around the danger without having an escort then I take this back, but considering its possible to get all 2nd circle words before reaching the lower level limit recommended for this area, and getting all words as early as possible is currently extremely significant in building a mage, I think its inappropriate.


From: Fright Tuesday, November 24, 06:59PM

I agree especially on the statement that this is not a level 20 area. At level 25, myself and another level 23-27 character were trying to get me the word from this area and we both died FAST to the mobs that have been mentioned before. The only way to get this word seems to be with a over level 45 guide and as Celia says there are only 2 ways to get that help and neither one of them is easy for a new character.

I would also agree that this is the 3rd most dangerous word to get next to the hell ones. There might be more difficult words to get (quests and so on) but none as dangerous.

The idea of making that item cause the mobs to be non-aggressive would be great.


From: Kindra Tuesday, November 24, 11:11PM

I think I can safely say -me too- for every mage/druid or would-be mage/druid char on the Mud.

This word is waaaaaaaay too hard to acquire.

And I agree that this level is definitely not a level 20-30 area.


From: Ma Wednesday, November 25, 07:10AM

Actually it's just that we're not used to the possibility that some mobs may not see invis! These words aren't that hard to get but you do need a little assistance.

From: Malach Wednesday, November 25, 12:37PM

When an alt of mine led this a while back the mobs saw invis, had det hidden and the frequency of the ambushes was, to say the least, insane. I'm glad this has been toned down a -lot-, however I'm not sure if the fact that some mobs don't see invis is applicable here.

Also, it is possible to get the word without an escort, as a low level mage. I've gotten it at level 8 or so with no help from high levellers.

However, in order to do that, prior knowledge of the area is neccessary, in addition to luck, and high dex because I needed to flee flee flee most of my way through. And since at level 8 it's a little hard to tell if you meet the reqs for the word, I was extremely lucky that my mage alt did. And the fact that a lot of climbing rooms are in the area adds to the unwelcome excitement of it all, having gotten the word, I was left wondering if my flight spell would hold out long enough to get me out safely. Yes, I could/should have brought a recall potion, but it didn't occur to me at the time.

So I guess what I'm saying here is that it IS possible t for a low level m mage to get the word in question, but it's also just a wee bit too difficult considering it's a 2nd circle word.

Just my two cents.

From: Chimera Wednesday, November 25, 01:22PM

I've got a char who got it solo. It's actually really easy. Explore more. There's a way =)


From: McDonald Wednesday, November 25, 04:45PM

Think the thing to realize is that for someone who isn't an imm who don't really need to explore, that its pretty much death to even try to explore the area for an inexperienced player. Don't be afraid to break out the level 1's when you need to explore a dangerous area :P

From: Zeus Friday, November 27, 12:36PM

Using a dif char to explore and area (especially a lev 1) is pretty close to multi-play, ie using one char to benefit another. It is definatelly crossplaying. If this is the aim the putting the word there, well fine by me crossplaying doesnt bother me in the least. However, some players and immorts discourage it highly. Thoughts....

From: McDonald Friday, November 27, 05:29PM

heh, would it satisfy you if later on this level 1 did level up to 50? Your learning the area for the first time, as a newbie who dont know where the dts are even. When faced with this situation, where a person is going into an area they know is death, if they want to start a new char to explore more power to em I say. Of course you all proper and playing buy the rules would go in there with your high level and check it out first right? Anyway you know how it is with new players if they don't like it there gonna leave anyway, so they say screw the rules a lot. Luckily we don't get many L50 spamming the boards with profanity too often. Mostly thats limited to the pissed newbies.

Im not much of a NPH but I helped two new players in the last day or so just begging for help and noone would give them the time of day. You gotta remember how hard this mud is to pick up for new players and help em out sometimes. It's like everyone is too worried about showing out for their buddies to help anyone. Don't scorn the stupid question, because this is a person you can help. I swear Fatale has a smartass remark for every stupid question. -hug- Fatale

Ok ill stop rambling, starting to see trails.

From: Celia Sunday, November 29, 04:43AM

I'm glad to hear that there is a way to get it solo. However, I think the point is that a low-level character is not going to go exploring in an area when they are well below the lowest recommended level for it. Or if they do and get themselves killed, they will just get called an idiot for ignoring the recommended levels. That gives a big advantage to somebod who has a high-level character already, or is willing to make a special character just to explore and test the safety first (not sure if that is legal or not, but I don't see how you would stop it). Ideally people should be able to find the words they want at low levels by exploring, not that this should be totally free of danger, but the danger here really seems a bit much.


From: Croaker Sunday, November 29, 10:14AM

The mobs in Pictland (with the exception of the boars) will not attack you if you are below level 10 as long as you don't wander into the wrong spot (i.e. the ambush). You can march straight to th word in question (again, avoiding the boar) without fear of attack. Because of the legitimate concerns raised here, I have upped this minimum level to 20, so you should feel safe to get the word until level 20 as long as you stay on track. This will not go in until the next update / reboot.

Thanks for the feedback,


From: Celia Monday, November 30, 06:57AM

Thanks Croaker!



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