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Posted by Osiris on 11/30

OK I think item damage by spells it too high. In one fight with a cause mage. 5 of my items went from perfect to moderatly damaged. There have been times when up to 5 of my items have been damaged with 1 spell. Also If earrings can be damaged shouldn't they be some ac? Just my 2 cents.


From: Lelu Thursday, November 26, 10:29AM

Yeh item damage by immolate/firestorme is WAY too high. I can't even get people gear anymore unless I don't use those two spell And i mean whats the point of make'n the spells good if you can't use them to get eq for people -from a non-clanned point of view- I think thats just total bull and that the coders should realy do somethin about it. Just admit that your numbers were a little to high and fix it. It's not all that hard and thats why I'm wondering why it hasn't been done yet.


From: Rufus Thursday, November 26, 01:26PM

I downed the damage index on firestorm and put a max limit on how many items could be damaged by a single spell.

As far as using 'immolate/firestorm/flamestrike' etc to get equipment, I have a hard time justifying wanting something so badly then totally engulfing it in flames trying to get it... there are spells in the arsenals of mages that don't damage objects, and perhaps they don't do as much damage as the high-dam flame-based spells, but it gives another dimension to the strategies that must be used in acquiring gear, and some use to some spells that don't get much in the casting realm any more. This, mind you, was completely intented.


From: Rufus Thursday, November 26, 01:46PM

Another just fyi, next code update, if you scrap a bag, all items will get dumped to the ground instead of vanishing (all items in that container, that is).

The same will also happen for stuff that burned away.


From: Vengeance Saturday, November 28, 02:57PM

that's funny, i've lost 2 bags of stuff to scrapping, and wasn't reimbursed because "if something takes a beating that bad, then the stuff inside would be destroyed". -shrug- nothing major just real annoying.


From: Rufus Monday, November 30, 03:17AM

That was a policy and rationale up until the point at which I changed the code. It was not regarded as a prior bug, but a change in game design. My apologies, but we do not reimburse for such.


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