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Posted by T-Bone on 11/28

In my last 2 fights (with clanmates), I used headbutt constantly as they had like 50 con less than me, first time around I landed 2/10 against a sniper, the next against a str mage I connected with just 1/5.

6/10 were tumbled in the 1st fight, 3/5 in 2nd. I stunned myself in both fights once and fell on my face once.

This may or not be bad luck (despite how consistant it seems) but these results really shouldn't be possible at all.

Against mobs it's just as useless, even harmful unless you're not tanking. I even seem to land my kicks more with 80 dex. I'm not asking for the chance to hit to be increased but for the chance to tumble reduced and for headbutt to do something other than simply hit or miss vs mobs!

From: Zeus Friday, November 27, 10:29AM

Aye, you did have a streak of bad luck. I have fairly high dex and did tumble alot of the headbutts. And, with 80 dex, you tumbled many of my bashes. I think that tumble should be slightly less likely. Maybe, it should be based on the sum of ones dex + perc. Snipers should tumble more than 100dex 100mind or 100str/dex types I think. What I'm saying, and I'll be clear, is NOT that tumble should go up for snipers, but that it should happen less for those of us with high dex and no or low perc.


From: Rufus Friday, November 27, 11:08AM

Wow, Zeus, been reading the code lately? Tumble IS dex/perc based =)


From: Zeus Friday, November 27, 12:22PM

No, I would like to read the code if your offereing though Ruf...

Must mean that we are in agreement about what it should be based on, however high dex and 30 or less perc tumbles more than I it should it seems.........

From: Papercut Saturday, November 28, 12:48AM

pon, my snipers haven't been tumbling any better than my 60 dex chars, and i do remember somewhere that you had no intention of fixing the tumble bug that failed to take perc into account. if you fixed it so that perc is now accounted for, plz enlighten us :p


oh yeah, thanks if you did fix it :p


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