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item damage

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Posted by Poetry on 12/02

I think that items and eq getting damaged as often as they do by spells or whatever is annoying and nothing else. I dont see the game value at all. Its just one of those annoying maintnance things that you have to do, only you have to do it way too often.

Just my 2 cents,

Poetry Ramona.

From: Papercut Saturday, November 28, 12:49AM

in my opinion, item damage goes along the same lines as getting cash, xp, herbs, bandages, healing... just that for its worth, it occurs way too often, and unlike the others mentioned above, can usually not be done via mobs (tf, that is).

most of the time, i get tf done by clanmates, or expressly try to get an xp group including tfers, but still, fixing of eq takes too much effort (grouping, even when i offer, is not readily taken, and free tf isn't available regularly enough).

i think item fixing should be doable by all types of chars, either by giving some mobs the fix skill (shopkeepers, imho, should be able to fix what they're selling, or buy damaged stuff and sell it fixed--so you can repurchase damaged eq in lieu of fixing it) or giving a more variety of players access to tf--with tf having the edge of never scrapping the item upon failure, whereas repair/mend may.


From: Christian Saturday, November 28, 10:32AM

Some of us offer tform for free... ye just have to look around for me and i more than likely will tform for free for ye.

Christian Valor

From: T-Bone Wednesday, December 02, 11:31AM

It's still annoying, I just had 14 items damaged from 2 low mind immolates. I'm just not going to fight 3rd circle cause at all until it's fixed or tforming mobs are put in.


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