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Posted by Beam on 12/01

How many people have a klien char they play? Everyone knows how poor a hometown it is, people that know about these things anyway.

How about they get expert parry also. This would really give this hometown a boost, and considering tara gets pretty much everything klien does in addition to herblore n other druid skills I don't think it would make them compete with tara chars, but it would add some dimension to the hometown. Not sure if you imms decided their was some historical reason for klien not to have expert parry, but it would be a nice addition imo. Also I have no Klien chars right now, so I'm not whining for any of my chars to be improved, though I'll make one if its done :P

Second change I'd like to see, Is for the ability to see inventory contents while in the dark with infravision. Not necessary to change it so that contents of rooms become visible or anything. I think this would make it feasable and possibly pretty neat, to be able to rem your light when hunting. All comments welcome


From: Papercut Sunday, November 29, 06:56AM

klein does get repair/forge that tara doesnt have :p but i think expert parry is a good idea, i mean, the desc reads that klein's a town for fighters of sorts, but doesn't have expert parry? c'mon :P

and i don't think that's enough a boost anyway. it'd be very interesting imho if klein got surgery too. lima will still have entrance and brew, gunplay over klein, and london will have the superior surgeons, but it'd be, imho, very very interesting to have a 2nd circle surgeon :p


From: Zeus Sunday, November 29, 11:40AM

very good ideas -- I'd like to see em ...

hehe Ive never ever had a Klein char i dont think

From: Zeus Sunday, November 29, 11:45AM

Oh, and I'd like to see this BEFORE trees, this should be a real easy thing to fix/change I'd think.

From: Davien Sunday, November 29, 03:31PM

Whoa, that got me thinking and I realised I've never had a Klien character either, and whats more, never even thought of having one. However if those changes were made.....

Davien Holyoake.

From: Sergei Sunday, November 29, 11:14PM

Personally, I don't think I'd want to be operated on by a medieval surgeon They did a lot of unnecessarily gruesome stuff back them.

In all seriousness, I wouldn't mind seeing something else added to Klein. If not expert parry, than maybe advanced, at least?

Sergei Dovzhenko.

And by the way, yes, this character is from Klein, so yes, this is completely self-serving. So nyah.

From: Rufus Monday, November 30, 02:40AM

Giving expert parry to klein is not currently an option with the axiom set up we have currently. Skilltrees has a 5 axiom (instead of 4) set which will make such possible, but currently, if we give it to klein, that means limans would have it as well, as long as allowing surgery and the upper-end bardic skills to klein.


From: Zeppelin Monday, November 30, 02:18PM

So, Klein -can- learn advanced parry now.... hmmm....

What about somenew skill or something for Klein?

From: Zeppelin Monday, November 30, 02:59PM

I got it!

I know what Klein needs - a new skill - and what skill is that you ask? Klein needs a 'trueform' skill. A skill that will allow chars from Klein to repair 'magic' items.


From: Mo Monday, November 30, 03:13PM

Seeing as to how Londoners get boosts in operate, why not give Kleiners a boost in bash, headbutt, kick, elbow, choke, and warcry? Nothing too significant, but just a slight increase in probability and damage. (10hp headbutt!)

From: Beam Monday, November 30, 05:47PM

If i understand what your saying rufus, it wouldnt be feasible to give klien expert parry without letting lima have it also. Does that mean it would be possible to go ahead and let klien have advanced parry now before trees, without having it affect other things? If you could explain what you said here:

as long as allowing surgery and the upper-end bardic skills to klein.

Do you mean that it might be possible for klien to get bard skills and basic liman like surgery? How do you feel about a char being able to do magic and surgery?

From: Israfel Tuesday, December 01, 06:54PM

Giving Klein entrance and/or expert parry would really rock since right now there is really no reason to make a character from Klein. Magic and being able to repair/forge could be given as a reason, but since Klein characters basically can't do anything else, and there's a repair mob in t the game, there's really no reason to make a character from Klein.

As things stand this is my first and last Klein character, simply because I find the industrial and ancient hometowns give so many more options. In fact the only reason I play this character as much as I do is I'm stubborn and I like the RP.

Israfel Shadowleaf

Servant of the Lady


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