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Posted by Sigrid on 12/02

The way (read the speed) the descapproval work is in my opinion way too slow. I just got my description today, almost 4 weeks after I send it to the descapproval mailbox-thing. Heh, meanwhile I decided that I was a lousy pkill character and that I wanted to get deleted, that was my intentions when I logged on today. Now you could say that it is my fault that the descapproval is so

From: Sigrid Sunday, November 29, 01:11PM

hrm, that's sucked, .. slow.

Cause 4 weeks is too slow. I just thought it was kinda ironic Anyway, what must suck even more is if your description after 4 weeks are being turned down, then you have to go wait another 4 weeks before your next description might be turned down too. and 2 month is quite a bit...

Does that mean that only level 50's are allowed to have desc's? cause that is where you end after 2 month of playing (or at least close to there)


I understand that it is necessary that on;y one immort is taking care of the approvals, and it might be lotsa work (I don't know). But maybe it could be handed over to somebody that has more time or is willing to spend more time on it, cause for us players it is frustrating to wait that long for a description.

No offence chocorua. S Icelander

From: Sandra Sunday, November 29, 01:42PM

I am aware, and sorry, that the description process has been taking so long as of late. The person usually responsible has been very busy with real life, therefore i was the one that did them this week. We will attempt to get them out, at least weekly from now on. However, if you don't hear from DescApproval within two weeks, mail him again with the request, and note that its your second request, as the first may have gotten lost somewhere.

Hope this helps.


From: Fright Sunday, November 29, 06:06PM

It's nice to see that somethings being done or help has come or whatever. I waited 3 weeks and 6 days to get my desc back (I started counting) only to find out that I had been turned down. Now I wonder if I need to wait another (nearly) 4 weeks for my revision.

As Sigrid said 2 months is quite a bit and its unfair that something that is this important to a characters theme is withheld for so long.


From: Charity Monday, November 30, 10:54AM

Having to wait a long time sucks, I'm not blaming you for how you feel about it.

However, consider this: if you create a character with a cool name, and you know instantly what the character's desc should be, and you send in the request... then after a few levels of play decide he sucks and you don't want to play as that char anymore, you ARE slowing down the proces for your other characters and for everyone else's. There's no level rule preventing level 1's from asking for descs, but that's the first change I'd suggest if players are seriously unhappy with the current process.

Also consider: look in your bags some time, see how nicely the items are sorted? They are, in point of fact, now sorted alphabetically. It's impossible for Descapproval to tell in what order stuff was received, so all in-hand requests have to be processed before receiving, or else people may get bumped to the back of the line. I've seen Descapproval receive mail after finishing a week's worth of approvals, and it was worth 2 returns of screenlen (translation: over 48 requests in a week).

Basically, there are no rules about granting descriptions, other than that an imm, namely Descapproval, has to check for appropriateness and verify it's not a near duplicate. Descapproval relies on the players to only request descs for characters they know they want to keep. Denying requests would be a lot less frequent if players followed the guidelines in HELP DESCRIPTION and didn't try to push the boundaries of 'human only'.

Players can also speed up their own approvals by using plain notes (because of that alphabetization thing again) than writing on a stuffed vampire or whatever. Right now, players have a LOT of control over how fast the approval process can be, based on how thoughtfully you engage the process. The fastes fixes I can think of which would speed up your approvals, all involve imms adding more rules, like 'one request per player (not character) at a time' or 'character must be lvl 10 to request' a desc. I'm not threatening to do this... I'm not admin, I couldn't if I wanted to. But I thought I'd point out that the possible solutions aren't necessarily nicer for players than the waiting is, and that you all already have a lot of control over the speed of the process. Maybe instead of complaining to/at/about the imms, you should start a dialogue with each other... be considerate, give it some thought before requesting, etc.

From: Fright Monday, November 30, 12:46PM

Yeah Charity, except I applied for this desc 31 levels ago, and it would be a lot more if I didn't stop xp-running for this last week. :P

As for handing in a bad desc, at the time it seemed fair to me. It was a human desc. I don't mind being denied if I am off base but the wait is killin me. :P


From: T-Bone Wednesday, December 02, 03:23AM

I was going to suggest marking the paper of desc requests with the date but seems it doesn't stick when mailed.

Perhaps that should be looked into.. otherwise, I guess the IMM who handles desc requests could at least mark bags and shove em together on a weekly basis. -shrug- Fright isn't the only one who has had to wait that long.

From: Rufus Wednesday, December 02, 03:45AM

Notes are funny things... really. The reason marks don't persist on them is you are not actually mailing the note, but you're mailing the ID of the note and the context of the note. Items can't be held 'in limbo' between characters (results in many many errors, nasty things happen in the code, etc... known as 'lost objects' they result in a bunch of memory being lost)... anyway, what actually happens is the note is destroyed when you mail it (the context of the note and the ID of the note is saved). When a person receives mail, a new object is created with a pointer to the content of the note.

Even saving the 'short' description of the note (which the 'mark' command effectively strings) would double or more the size of the actual 'mail' file that's created (independant of the note content). Considering our current lack of hard drive space, it's not a viable option at this point.

Not to say that notes/boards don't need a severe rewrite... they do... however, it's rather low on the coding priority list (partially due to the fact that the board/note code works sufficiently to get the job done, partially due to the 'bore' factor of working with the board code, and partially due to the fact it's a huge undertaking while trying to maintain current notes).

Anyway, hope that clears some of the technical issues up.



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